Top 9 things to pack for the hospital

Hospital Bag

Your first time giving birth is only weeks away. You’ve read the books, the nursery is ready, and it’s the home stretch, all you need to do now is pack your bag! Easy… isn’t it?

A thousand moms were asked what are the essential things you need to pack, and here they are!

1. Comfy Clothes

Forget anything even slightly formal or stylish. All that is out the window when it comes to your hospital visit. The order of the day is comfy and loose fitting pajamas, bathrobes, night gowns and the like. Just be sure to have all the important bits covered up for any unexpected guests.

In saying that though, you don’t want to go home in your PJ’s, so plan for that as well.

“Make sure your clothing is about the size you were at 6 months pregnant. Although we wish our bodies would bounce back minutes after having a baby, recovery naturally takes a bit longer.” –

Other ideas include…

  • Yoga pants
  • Jersey cotton sweatshirt (loose)
  • Favorite T-shirt
  • Cotton shorts

2. Toiletries

“When it comes to personal comfort, little things can make a huge difference. Two of the most popular personal care items among our survey participants were lip balm and hair ties. Here are some more ideas.” –

  • I packed a brush, toothpaste, and mouthwash.
  • I was glad I had my lotion.
  • I was glad I brought my own shampoo and body wash. It made me feel more comfortable to stay with my own routine.
  • Leave-in hair conditioner was one of the best things I brought with me.
  • I was glad to have my own mini shampoos, conditioner, face wash, and lotions. Also my own toilet paper – it was way better than the hospital’s.
  • Bringing my makeup was an excellent decision. There’s no feeling like waking up the next day as a mother, showering, and putting makeup on to get ready for adoring guests.

3. Footwear

Hospitals have a tendency to be cold along with their floors. Bring plenty of socks and slippers, and remember that your feet may swell further following delivery.

But don’t forget, flip flops are a must for the shower.

4. The Little Things

“Nothing can replicate the perfect thickness of the pillow or the coziness of blankets from your bed. Bring them along and you will be grateful. They can make a huge difference in how well you sleep.”

5. Gadgetry

Probably not worth noting on the list as who’s going to forget their cell phone, but it’s been known to happen! But don’t forget to bring a charger along for the ride. The last thing you’ll want is to run out of juice just when you’re ready to spread some cute newborn pics!

If you think your cell phone wont cut the mustard photography wise, bring in a good stills and video camera, but if you have the latest iPhone or Samsung, the images and video should be of exceptionally high quality anway.

Other ideas include…

  • mini speakers for your smartphone or MP3 player
  • laptop
  • e-reader or ipad
  • any movies loaded into your tablet that you may plan to watch in the down time

6. Food

You’re not going to be getting any room service at the hospital, so snacks and drinks are a good idea. Here’s what some new mothers had to say…

  • I was glad we brought lots of snacks. There were a lot of times when we were hungry and didn’t want to go out to get something.
  • I brought snacks for after delivery. I was starving and ate a nutrition bar about 10 minutes after delivering. I also brought powdered mix to flavor the water since I drank a ton of it during labor.
  • I packed snacks for middle-of-the-night munchies.
  • We packed lots of food so my husband wouldn’t need to leave to get something to eat – that was great!
  • I was so glad to have fresh fruit, juice, and cheese in a cooler.
  • I should’ve packed more snacks! I got hungry a lot when I was up at night trying to nurse.

7. Baby Things

Things such as…

  • Car seat
  • Baby bathing supplies
  • Going home outfit
  • Pacifier
  • Baby nail file
  • Spare diapers

8. Nursing Accessories

“A nursing bra and breastfeeding pillow are great to have with you. If you’re just learning to breastfeed, you need all the help you can get. And if you don’t plan on nursing bring a sports bra to keep things under control.”

Bring your own pads also and some pairs of disposable or cheap underwear you’re happy to throw away!

9. Husbandy Things

Let’s not neglect the other half of this equation! Although he won’t be doing any of the pushing, he could do with an extra set of clothes, a toothbrush and the like. Som aspirin won’t go astray either.

But here are some other things to consider, from


  • Water spray, or a hand-held fan to keep cool down the mum-to-be while she’s in labour.
  • Comfortable shoes. You may be pacing the corridors!
  • Watch with a second hand, to time contractions.
  • Swimwear, if you want to join the mum-to-be in a birth pool.
  • Digital camera or video camera. If you want to bring a video camera, check with the hospital beforehand, because not all of them allow them in delivery rooms.
  • Address book or a list of phone numbers. You and your partner will be able to use a mobile phone in parts of the hospital, but bring lots of change or a prepaid phone card just in case, for all the calls you may want to make.
  • Snacks and drinks. You don’t want a dehydrated, hungry birth partner looking after you and if you take some with you, they can stay with you rather than leaving the room to search for food!
  • Money or a credit card for parking, and change for vending machines.



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