The Ultimate Postpartum Hospital Bag Packing List

Nature may give you nine months to prepare for your baby’s birth, but with so much information out there it’s hard to decide what you need and what you shouldn’t waste your money on.

Especially if you’re going to be a first-time mom!

Postpartum everybody fusses over your new bundle of joy, but don’t forget you need some TLC, too!

Here is a simple shopping list of what new moms need to pack in their postpartum hospital bag. This bag should be in the car by 35 weeks, or behind the front door in readiness.

#1 Tucks hemorrhoid pads
postpartum hospital bag

Place these on a pad in your drawers for cooling relief.

#2 Dermoplast spray

Provides more immediate relief from itching and pain than hemorrhoid pads. These come in two kinds, the blue can and the red can.

Buy the blue. The red can has antibacterial properties and will sting like a mother, especially if you’ve got stitches.

#3 Witch hazel

Place some witch hazel on a maxi pad then freeze it. Witch hazel helps to soothe skin, and the coolness of the frozen pad will be a welcome relief

#4 Lidocaine spray

This is an over the counter spray that relieves pain associated with hemorrhoids or tearing.

#5 Cold compress and warm washcloths

Combined with a gentle massage, these help with breast and nipple pain. They are more of a “see what happens” type of item than a “buy in advance must have.”

#6 Super maxi pads

Please note, you need super maxi pads. You will bleed considerably and these large babies give you a great surface to put all those other items on (for example, ice pads and tucks pads).

#7 Large, comfy, very stretchy underwear

Needless to say, you’ll feel like your wearing a huge diaper with all the stuff you’ll be packing in there to relieve any pain you may be feeling. The hospital may provide you with large diaper-like underwear if you’re interested. Ask for more. Tuck them into your postpartum hospital bag. Take them home. You’ll be glad you did.

#8 Squirt bottle

The hospital should give you one of these. Take it home with you! You won’t be wiping for a while, my friend.

The squirt bottle will be a necessary tool, and it also helps with itching.

#9 Stool softener

Women who’ve had a vaginal delivery may become constipated postpartum. C-section also slows bowel movements temporarily.

Taking a poop will be a totally terrifying experience after you give birth. Seriously.

#10 Nipple cream

Your nipples might crack, bleed, and even develop blisters from the all the sucking you are about to get used to. Nipple cream will provide some relief. Don’t worry. These issues will pass quickly if you experience them at all.

#11 Nipple gel pads

The gel pad feels like heaven on your nipples and provides relief from pain.

#12. Nursing pads

Most of the time, a towel is fine. When you’re out in public, though, and would like to keep some level of decorum, nursing pads are best. These are placed in your bra to prevent milk from leaking through your bra and onto your clothes.

Think about your baby and your boobs will leak. When you’re overdue to nurse your boobs will leak. Hearing a random baby cry will make your boobs leak. Be prepared. The hospital will provide some. Don’t be shy about taking extra home with you. You can also find some at the store or online.

The postpartum period is very delicate. Call your doctor if you notice increasing pain or anything out of the ordinary and rest as much as possible. You need to be healthy to take care of your baby.

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As you probably know by now, every birth experience is different. Any additional must-haves for new moms to put in their postpartum hospital bag?


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