Your Birth Plan: Do You Know What To Include?

Before we dive into the “What to include” of your birth plan, what exactly is a birth plan?

BabyCentre puts it this way,

A birth plan is a way for you to communicate your wishes to the midwives and doctors who care for you in labour. It tells them about the type of labour and birth you’d like to have, what you want to happen, and what you want to avoid.

A birth plan is not set in stone. It needs to be flexible and acknowledge that things may not go according to plan. Write a plan which means your midwife doesn’t feel she has her hands tied if complications arise during your labour.

A birth plan will help you be as prepared as possible thus reducing stress and anxiety.

Creating A Birth Plan by

You can download a copy of the Birth Plan template via Pregnancy Chat Here

  • Begin as early as the beginning of your second trimester.
  • Be prepared for changes. Be Flexible.
  • Keep a journal of your thoughts in preparation for writing the birth plan. Note experiences that you wish to happen.
  • Discuss your birth plan with your doctor.

5 Things to Include in Your Birth Plan via Welcome To The Woods…

  1. Delayed Cord Clamping
  2. Exercise
  3. Immediate Skin-To-Skin Contact
  4. Opposition To An Episiotomy
  5. A Doula

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