Pregnant Bride Bachelorette Party Ideas

No matter how far along an expectant mom is, pregnant bride bachelorette party ideas should always turn away from anything alcohol-related.

Night clubs and areas unsafe for pregnant ladies should fall off your list of pregnant bride bachelorette party ideas as well, especially for brides whose tummies are bigger and for whom being in a crowded place full of drunk people will be more frustrating than fun.

So, what can a maid of honor do to make sure she throws a great party for her pregnant friend? Here are some pregnant bride bachelorette party ideas that are both fun and safe!

  1. A SPArty.

There is no woman alive who would not appreciate a day at the spa, which is why this is at the top of our pregnant bride bachelorette party ideas list. Having her friends by her side, a crew of people paid to pamper her, and hours of relaxation is any pregnant woman’s dream. Make sure to book some make-up and hair styling at the end and close things off with a nice dinner so she can show off her pampered, pregnant lady glow while enjoying time with the people she loves.

  1. A house “club” party.

Clubs can be loud, crowded, filled with smoke, and generally unsafe. They open late and planning a bachelorette party in any such location might put a strain on a pregnant woman. Instead, have one of your homes made up like a club, invite a lot of people and ask them to dress up for a club outing and make them wait in line outside until the bachelorette arrives and cuts in front like a celebrity. Make sure you play her favorite music, serve her favorite non-alcoholic drinks, and send her home guilt-free as soon as she’s tired.

  1. An elegant tea party.

If your bride and mommy-to-be is a fan of elegant events, this may be one of the best pregnant bride bachelorette party ideas for you. Start by praying for good weather, then choose a nice tea room with a garden. You can also have it at someone’s home, provided they have a backyard or large dining room that can be decorated appropriately. Don’t forget the flower pattern tableware, the nicest cutlery, the flower arrangements, and the matching table cloths. It can be calm, quiet, quaint, and intimate – perfect for a pregnant bride-to-be!

  1. Mocktails and indulgence candy bar.

Indulgence and pampering are a pregnant woman’s prerogatives, and a good place to start is with mocktails and sweets. Hire a bartender to make crazy fruit juice mixes without alcohol for the bride-to-be. Such people are skilled entertainers and could hold a party together with incredible beverages and drinking games.

Add to that a candy bar, chocolate fondue setup, or a frozen yogurt/fruit bar (for the health-minded moms) and enjoy!

  1. The ultimate slumber party.

She may not have had one of these in a long time, which will make it extra fun! Invite friends in their PJs, put on HER favorite movie, and stock up on junk food galore! Popcorn, chocolate bars, chips, pizza…anything goes! This is one of the easiest pregnant bride bachelorette party ideas.

Follow it up with late night conversation, pillow fights, and ice cream and you’ve given her a bachelorette party she’ll never forget.

  1. Favorite restaurant plus that thing she has been asking you to do for all of these years… karaoke.

If all of the above ideas are too much, require too many people or a bigger budget, go for the simple and elegant choices of her favorites: her favorite restaurant – the one she always suggests, even when everybody else wants to go anywhere else, and karaoke, for example. She will appreciate the effort, the gesture, and the moment more than you think.

Putting her first is definitely the best thing to do. As long as you respect her wishes, her condition, and go along with whatever makes her feel comfortable, you cannot miss in organizing a great party. And you could even mix these pregnant bride bachelorette party ideas if you have the time and money.


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