Bridal Shower Gift Ideas for a Pregnant Bride

Good bridal shower gift ideas for a pregnant bride are hard to come by.

Extra unique bridal shower gifts are hard enough. If the bride-to-be is pregnant as well, you have the added privilege of honoring her as a soon-to-be-mother, too!

The gift you choose will depend a lot on the relationship you have with the bride. How well do you know her? What do you know about her?

How does she feel about being pregnant on her big day?

It would help to find out as much as you can to make the gift personal. If everything else fails, you can always choose something generic. But we recommend making the extra effort as we know it will be appreciated.

Bridal shower gift ideas for a pregnant bride: what you need to know beforehand

An excellent and thoughtful gift is only as good as the effort you put in. Below are some things you should consider before making a decision.

What is your relationship with the bride?

Is she your relative or an old friend? The answer to this question shows how much you are EXPECTED to know about her. This, in turn, will dictate the type of gift you should give. For someone close to you, strive for a more intimate one, or something with meaning for the two of you.

You can choose something related to her past, or to her dreams and expectations. A truly thoughtful gift could relate to something she may have confided in you long ago that she’ll think you’d long since forgotten.

If you’re a friend or relative of the groom (and you don’t know the bride well) ask the groom for some ideas. A few unexpected answers can lead you to the perfect gift!

How far along is she and how is her pregnancy?

You may not know all the intimate details about how she is experiencing her pregnancy. Still, you’re probably aware of how much she is showing and whether her pregnancy is an easy one or not. Giving sexy gifts or with things that remind her of what she cannot do or no longer feels comfortable doing could have the opposite effect. Check up on this before looking for bridal shower gift ideas for a pregnant bride.

Giving sexy gifts when she feels frumpy or new hiking gear when she’s in her second trimester may just make her feel disappointed rather than inspired.

Consider getting her a gift that helps her celebrate becoming a wife and mother! Help her focus on all the right things going on in her life. Help her get excited about where she is in life right now. She’s going through a lot of change and probably stress. Giving her some perspective may help ease any anxiety.

How big is the shower and who else is attending?

If it’s a big shower with a bunch of people you don’t know; maybe you don’t want to give her that special gift that holds meaning only the two of you would understand.

What if her mother-in-law is attending? Perhaps you don’t want to let her unwrap that super-sexy gift you got her for special nights with her hubby.

Whatever your gift, just try to keep in mind the feelings of your pregnant friend. You’re there to support and celebrate her. If you think something might embarrass her, consider giving her the gift in private and giving her a second one for public consumption.

Has she registered anywhere?

When purchasing from her registry guarantees, you are getting her something she needs and likes. No use in looking for bridal shower gift ideas for a pregnant bride when she already picked out what she wants and needs. If you feel that this option is too impersonal, add a little something intimate and personal and she will know you went that extra mile. This could be small and symbolic, only to give the gift a bit more personality.

Once you got the answers to all of the above questions, you can start picking a gift.

Here are our suggestions for bridal shower gifts for a pregnant bride.

There is no such thing as too much pampering – try a gift basket with everything!

Feeling pampered and relaxed is something everyone can enjoy. This goes double for future brides and triple for future moms. Include an extra large lotion, bath salts, creams, and other self-care products (think caffeine-free tea, dark chocolate, etc.) in a beautifully decorated basket. Make it look big and glamorous and don’t miss out on any of the lovely stuff. You may think this is a simple gift, but it could be the best one. Just make sure all the products are non-toxic and all-natural! You don’t want your gift to do even the slightest harm to the bride-to-be or Baby!

The “fluff” is always the right stuff

No matter what you choose to go for: slippers, bathrobe, PJs, or house wear, the fluff is always appreciated. There is something about new, soft, fuzzy things that’s so luxurious. One piece of advice, though. Considering she’s getting married AND an expectant mom, go for cute AND comfy. Pregnant and new moms need all the additional comfort they can get.

A gift certificate to a massage parlor

A gift certificate is one of our favorite bridal shower gift ideas for a pregnant bride. It will help her relax, focus on herself, and maybe even get some excellent nights of sleep afterward. We all know that relaxing nights of sleep aren’t going to happen for a long time after Baby is born.

Wedding accessories she feels she “does not need.”

We have all been there. A time comes in the planning of a wedding when you cut out the small things. But it so happens that you are aware that the trifles were the things the bride was looking forward to, why not come together like great friends and give her the things she is convincing herself she can go without for the wedding? Surely, we are not talking about the big stuff like the band or a caterer, but the tiny details. The extra bows on the centerpieces or more expensive flowers for the bridesmaids. What a wonderful way to say, “I support you!”

The family portrait

Although it is advisable to keep bridal shower gift ideas for a pregnant bride wedding oriented and leave the baby stuff for the baby shower, it would also be an excellent opportunity to get the baby involved in the wedding as well. It is a unique moment, and it’s good to make sure at least someone gives her something like this. Just make sure you are not all getting the same idea! You could have a photographer edit some pictures or provide them with a certificate for their first photos as a family. It all depends on what you think she might like.


It is critical to be aware of how the bride feels about the party and what is most important to her. Also, keep in mind the fact that they will only be a small family of two for a few months, and you can do your best to help her enjoy that. Make sure your gift does not make her feel uncomfortable. A piece of lingerie she will not be able to wear for at least one year is one such an example. Getting something too spicy in front of grandma is another one. Read the room and think of her first and foremost. Bridal shower gift ideas for a pregnant bride can be difficult to think up, but with some time and effort, you can find something truly thoughtful!



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