4 Fantastic Bridal Shower Ideas for a Pregnant Bride

Getting married while pregnant isn’t very common so finding bridal shower ideas for a pregnant bride is a little hard to do. Don’t worry! We’re here to help.

There are lots of great options when looking into bridal shower ideas for a pregnant bride. To make it easier for you, we took it upon ourselves to do some fun research.

We gathered some options to give you great ideas on where to start. Remember, tailor the party to the personality of the bride. This is about her and her big day, after all. Well, one of the big days!

The other big day will be when her bundle of joy is born…but this party is about the upcoming nuptials.

1.The Classy Get-Together

If your bride is the type that likes to enjoy an outing but prefers to keep things on the tame side, this may be the one for you. Reserve a nice table or a private room at a restaurant and skip the busy, noisy atmosphere of the overly popular bars and lounges. Make sure they serve a type of food your bride can enjoy. Sushi, for instance, is a no-go for pregnant women. Also, ensure that it won’t be a cacophony of unpleasant smells for the pregnant guest of honor to have to endure.

2. ‘That’ Type of Bridal Shower

You know the one, full of suggestively shaped lollipops and straws, games that highlight lewd acts, feather boas, and the cop responding to a noise complaint…who just happens to be wearing tear-away pants. If this is the kind of bridal shower your gal has always dreamed of, don’t hold back! Replace her champagne with sparkling apple juice and she’ll be ready to go. If you happen to be the shy type, you can order all these naughty goodies online.

3. Out and About

Maybe restaurants or dancing cops aren’t on the agenda. That’s okay! There are so many other avenues to explore when thinking up bridal shower ideas for a pregnant bride. You can get the girls together and do something silly and fun like bowling, miniature golf, or gaming at an arcade. Just be conscious of the fact that her feet may hurt after a while if she’s standing a lot, or certain foods or smells may make her nauseated now.

Bridal shower ideas for a pregnant bride, outdoor bridal shower
4. Pampering Party

Who doesn’t like to be taken care of and pampered? No one, that’s who. Sometimes, a spa day with the girls is just what a woman needs. You can set this up at the hosting house with massage oils, goody bags of bath fizzes, lotion bars, and non-toxic nail polishes. Plan some manicures and pedicures, throw in a few face masks, keep tea and snacks close by, and relax the day away. Just make sure the bride- and mother-to-be is absolutely relaxed and content.

If doing it at someone’s home isn’t quite your thing, you can always head to an established spa and get all the ladies in there for the celebration.

Now that the ideas are starting to roll in, let your mind wander with these four great launch points. There are always personal tweaks and adjustments you can make. Just be extra considerate of the pregnant mom.

She’ll appreciate all the thought and care you’ve put into this event for her. When coming up with bridal shower ideas for a pregnant guide, the sky is really the limit. Get planning today!


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