pregnancy announcement by husband

You are pregnant and not aware about it. Then your husband flashes a pregnancy testing kit indicating that you are pregnant.

What would you feel? Shocked?

That is what Sam did to his wife and the results were a stunning revelation that dazzled Nia, a mother of two…

The husband had an inkling his wife might be pregnant since she was two weeks late for her period. So he decided to test her urine in secret to find out if she was pregnant and then shock her by breaking the good news to her.

All his speculations were confirmed. The test came out positive.

Sam then broke the news to his wife and the kid, capturing the hypie moment on a camera. Then the family decided to share their joy with others by posting the video on YouTube. You won’t believe so far the video has seen over 10millions views.

If you want to experience a helpless tearjerker, watch this fascinating video.

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