10 Remarkable Things Babies Do In The Womb

Babies are amazing little humans! They are even amazing before they even come out into the world!

Here are ten remarkable things babies do while still in the womb…

10. Stay Up At Night

Did you know that babies are nocturnal in the womb? Have you felt your little one moving around when you are trying to sleep? Your daytime activity (moving, walking, etc.) lulls baby to sleep so they wake up when you’re sleeping, which is why newborns loved to be rocked to sleep. They miss your movement!

9. Breathe

Babies get needed oxygen through the umbilical cord, but lung muscles develop as they imitate mom’s breathing.

8. Smell

Babies love delicious smells of yummy food and may jump at awful smells like that of cigarette smoke.

7. Laugh

Babies may not belly chuckle like children, but they laugh by bouncing. So the next time you feel baby bouncing in your tummy, ask him or her what is so funny!

6. Startle

Babies can get scared by sudden sounds or movements, like if mom sneezes.

5. Sensitive To Light

Babies eyes appear to blink when a light is shone upon mother’s belly.

4. Yawn

Baby yawns when tired in the womb, too!

3. Think

Baby is getting smart! Brainwaves can be recorded as early as 6 weeks!

2. Dream

Babies go into Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, too!

1. Feel Pain

The debate is out on this one, but most authorities agree that babies can feel pain as early as 8 weeks.

Remarkable, aye!?

10 Amazing Things Babies Do In The Womb




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