10 Things Overdue Pregnant Women Don’t Need to Hear

Pregnancy invites a world of discomfort, but being overdue adds an array of displeasures and unwanted comments.

Not only does it perpetuate lovely pains in a pregnant woman’s back, hips, and feet, but being overdue tends to invite people’s unnecessary observations. Though an estimated due date is just that, an estimate, most expectant mamas cling to that day with hope and anticipation expecting to hold their baby in their arms.

The day often passes by, baby still in the womb, and expectations have crashed only to be met with others’ quite annoying comments.

Here are 10 things overdue pregnant women don’t need or want to hear:

1. “You’re huge!
While this may be completely true, it is also a completely undesired comment. I am 100% certain that for the last few months this pregnant mama has been looking in the mirror and wondering if she will ever be back to her pre-pregnancy size. She feels huger than huge, larger than large, and certainly does not need you reminding her.

2. “When I was in labor… Hearing your birth experience? No, thank you.
Especially when your labor and delivery story is filled with unexpected scares, there is absolutely no need to add any worry or stress to this pregnant mama. She is already thinking about her labor and doesn’t need any added fears. Wait until after she has delivered; she will need to process this truly life changing event and then you two can swap birth stories.

3. “Have you tried…?” insert walking, jumping, lunging, evening primrose oil, red raspberry leaf tea, clary sage, relaxing, sex, yoga, spicy food, sitting in this and that position, pelvic tilts, chiropractor, pumping, castor oil… the list goes on.
You can be darned certain this mama probably started all of these “labor induction” suggestions weeks ago. There are so many people suggesting what she do to induce labor. Please. For the love, rest assured that she has tried and will continue trying to induce labor naturally.

4. “You’re going to miss being pregnant. Stop complaining.”
This may be true for some, but it is extremely untrue for many. A lot of women find pregnancy to be stress-packed, pain-filled, and wholly uncomfortable. They simply want the end product: their sweet little one. You don’t know how stressful or painful or nauseating her pregnancy has been.

5. “Why aren’t you getting induced?
The thought has more than likely crossed her mind on multiple occasions. Some women don’t want to induce labor with synthetic drugs, especially if it is unnecessary. Don’t make her go through her reasoning all over again as to why she has made the decision she believes is best for her and her baby; just trust that she has made that decision for a reason.

6. “Your baby will come when he/she is ready.
Yes. Obviously. This is exactly why she is not being induced. She knows this. It does not make the waiting, the discomfort, or the anticipation any less difficult.

7. “You haven’t had your baby yet?!
If she is standing there pregnant and without an infant, then no, no she hasn’t had the baby yet. She is just as appalled as you.

8. “You may end up with a c-section if you keep waiting too long.”
“Thank you for the encouragement,” is what that mama is sarcastically thinking or maybe even saying. C-sections are major surgeries that medical professionals do not take lightly. Many women go up to two weeks past their due date and deliver their babies naturally without complications.

9. “You know that due dates aren’t exact, right?
She knows this. This doesn’t make it less painful waiting on her baby.

10. “Get used to not having things go as planned. That’s how parenthood is.
“Again, thank you for the encouragement.” Numb remarks are unnecessary and unwanted.

Being overdue, you are bound to hear plenty of unneeded comments. Just remember: if your care provider is not worried about you being overdue, there is confidence to be found there. And as always, you are not alone!

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