Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Your Unborn Baby

Your Baby Does Amazing Things Before Being Born

There are many facts you need to know and should know about your unborn baby. The doctor doesn’t tell you everything about your baby. There are many things about your baby that you do not know. Your doctor just tells you the basics during your visit. Unless you ask there are certain things the doctor will not tell you.

Do your own research about your baby before he/she is born. These facts will delight and surprise you. Keep these facts in mind during your pregnancy as a reminder just how wonderful it is. It can be easy to focus on all the discomfort, morning sickness, and exhaustion. These facts will remind you that it is worth


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  1. Your baby has a discernible heartbeat just six weeks into your pregnancy.
  2. All of your baby’s major organs (the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, and intestines) are formed and functional by 10 weeks — they’re just tiny!
  3. Your baby will be born with 300 separate bones, some of which will fuse together. Adults have 206 bones in our bodies.
  4. Baby’s movement plays a key role in development, helping to shape joint structure and define the limbs’ range of motion.
  5. A baby can recognize his or her mother’s voice at birth.
  6. By 10 weeks, your baby has completed the most critical stage of his or her development.

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