How Can Epsom Salts Help during Pregnancy?

Many swear that one of the best and most natural ways to alleviate aches during pregnancy is to soak in an Epsom salt bath. 

What is an Epsom salt bath, you ask? What else can it do for me?  While many of its benefits are still under debate, there are a number of women who swear soaking in Epsom salts has provided them a  number of benefits including pain and stress relief.

The only way to be sure whether or not they will work for you is to give them a try yourself.

To help, we’ve put together a simple guide to get you up to speed on what Epsom salts are and what they can do for you.

What is it?

Epsom salt is a chemical structure that breaks down into magnesium and sulfate in water. The theory is that when you soak in a warm Epsom salt bath, Magnesium sulfate is absorbed into your body through your skin, providing you a  series of benefits. The crystals of hydrated magnesium sulfate are a naturally occurring pure mineral compound you can find for sale in most drugstores. Usually, a large box will only cost you a few dollars.

What is it used as a treatment for?
  • Sore muscles after working out and Fibromyalgia
  • Bruises and sprains
  • Arthritis pain and swelling
  • Tired, swollen feet and ingrown toenails
  • Insomnia
  • Psoriasis
  • Sunburn pain and redness
  • A number of other ailments
4 Major Benefits Espoused by Epsom Salt Enthusiasts:
  1. Muscle Soothing and Relaxing

Often used to treat leg cramps and sore muscles after a workout, pregnant women may find that a bath with Epsom salt provides similar relief.

  1. Skin Soothing

While used to assist the healing of cuts, Epsom salts can also be used to relax and provide nutrients to your skin.

  1. Relaxation

Magnesium is believed to be a stress reducer and may help you relax.

  1. Replenish Salt

Epsom salt may help replace some salt lacking in our diet.



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