How to Find the Best Prenatal Vitamins

Before prenatal vitamins were invented, pregnant women got their much-needed nutrients from food, right?

Before prenatal vitamins, many cultures encouraged their pregnant and breastfeeding women (and still do!) to eat nutrient-dense foods such as fish eggs, high-quality dairy, and liver and other organ meats.

These days, we have easy-to-swallow pills! It’s so easy, especially if you don’t like liver or can’t find fish eggs at your local grocery store.

Of course, not all vitamins are created equal.

If the point of prenatal vitamins is to replace what you would get via nutrient-dense food, wouldn’t it be best for the vitamins to come from food?

“Whole, natural foods contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that work together to be absorbed and utilized. When vitamins are isolated, like they are in synthetic vitamin blends, your body may utilize the vitamins but also may deplete others.” //

When I looked for prenatal vitamins, I followed the advice of Dr. Daniel Chong, a naturopathic physician, who wrote the following for about how to choose nutritional supplements:

  • It is as close as possible to its natural form.
  • The utmost care has been taken in all phases of its production, from growing its ingredients, to manufacturing, testing for potency and quality control.
  • It works! I always try to select from companies that have a long track record of providing high-quality products that produce good clinical results.

With that in mind, I chose the .

It’s made from organic, whole, nutritious foods. For example, the folate comes from organic lemon peel and the iron from organic curry leaves.


It’s also verified non-GMO, which I love.

Alternatively, Mama Natural has a post comparing four different brands of prenatal vitamins, and Holistic Squid has an amazing post entitled The Outlandish Alternative to Prenatal Vitamins.

Whatever you choose, as long as you’re following Dr. Chong’s advice above you’ll probably do a great job of choosing your prenatal vitamins.

Stay nourished, Momma!


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