Amazing Free Pregnancy Workouts for Mommies-to-Be

Staying healthy during pregnancy is important for your health and your child’s. Pregnancy workouts don’t have to, and shouldn’t be, complicated.

A little bit of exercise can go a long way towards creating a positive state of mind, boosting energy levels, and keeping your body active. It can be hard, though, to find pregnancy workouts with movements and pacing that are right for you.

With all of that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the some of the best free pregnancy workouts to help you and your baby bump get moving.

Oh! Make sure you consult your physician before beginning any exercise routine, please.

Pregnancy Pilates

Pilates is probably one of your best options for pregnancy workouts. You’ll get stronger and gain flexibility in less than an hour a day. Here are some of the most recommended pre-natal pilates videos.

10 Minute Prenatal Pilates 

Prenatal Pilates Part  – 1 Hour Work-Out designed by Physiotherapist.

Prenatal Pilates for the First 10 Weeks / Workout 2 / Workout 3


Denise Austin’s Pre- / Post-Natal Workout Series

Highly recommended and at a pace that is just challenging enough, Denise Austin offers an enormous amount of videos ranging from sculpting and toning to core strength building.

From the page: “Try one of these result-driven workouts to stay healthy, strong and fit before, during and after your pregnancy featuring your favorite Fitness Expert/ Super Moms! No matter which trimester you may be in or if you are postnatal, let BeFiT help you get your pre-baby body back!”

Check out the series playlist here.

Yoga – YOGEA Prenatal Routines

pregnancy workouts

This is another great playlist available on YouTube. 13 videos broken up by trimester to help you maintain your body’s strength, agility and boost your mental strength. Remember, it’s important to do yoga that is specifically designed for pregnant women.

Check out the series playlist here.

 App Workouts

If you’re looking for some programs that provide a little more than just a simple video, there are also a number of quality apps out there with pregnancy workouts.


Pregnancy Workouts Free

“Power 20 worked with prenatal yoga instructors to create this safe, fun and effective routines that can be done without any equipment.“

Pregnancy Exercise

Contains a huge number of activities and routines suited for pregnant women.

Pregnancy exercises

Great resource with articles and thorough explanations.


Pregnancy Workouts Free

Same as the one for Android, but not for Android. “Power 20 worked with prenatal yoga instructors to create this safe, fun and effective routines that can be done without any equipment.“

Prenatal Pilates by Blue Sparrow

“Whether you’re a mommy-to-be, or eager to drop those postpartum pounds, Prenatal Pilates is made for you! Designed by STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer and Blue Sparrow Pilates studio founder Holly Furgason.”

Pregnancy Workout Advisor

“Pregnancy Workout Advisor is a perfect companion for a mother-to-be. It advises you on the various workouts ideal for every trimester, the regular workouts you can perform throughout the period of pregnancy, the activities you must avoid, the recommended food that benefits you, and food to be avoided. Every workout is detailed with hand drawn visuals and clearly written instructions.”

We hope these free pregnancy workouts inspire you to stay active and healthy during your pregnancy. Your body, and your baby, will thank you!

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