Is it Safe to Dye Hair during Pregnancy?

If you’re pregnant, you know the struggles of having to put some of your favorite activities on hold — those five daily cups of coffee, for instance — but it’s hard to keep up with so many new studies being done on how your daily actions might affect your developing baby.

You may have heard your friends arguing about whether pregnant women should dye their hair or not, but many women have not researched the issue fully. So who should you listen to?

Thankfully, we can still trust the Mayo Clinic to do their homework on important issues like these. The growing concern over using hair dye while pregnant seems to have stemmed from a study done in 2005 that found a link between hair dye chemicals and childhood tumors. Their articles states, “When you use hair dye or other hair products, a small amount can penetrate your skin.” Reading this can certainly cause alarm for many pregnant women who use such products.

Don’t throw all your hair dye products out the window just yet, ladies!

The Mayo Clinic assures us that no studies have found any association to cancer in children since the one conducted in 2005. As long as you read the instructions on the hair dye box and follow them carefully, you have no reason to fear going to the hair dresser — unless, of course, you have a deep-seated fear of hair dressers like me.

As always, the Mayo Clinic leaves us with some great advice: “If you’re concerned about the use of hair dye during pregnancy, consult your health care provider or consider postponing any chemical hair treatments.” It’s important to stay healthy and safe for the sake of you and your baby, but it’s important to keep up your self-confidence, too. Have a talk with your doctor to put your fears at rest.

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