What You Need To Know About Medications During Pregnancy

Taking medications during pregnancy can be scary when you don’t know how they will affect the baby.

The best thing to do is avoid medications during pregnancy altogether, if possible. You don’t want to take the chance when you don’t have to, but there may be some medications that are necessary for you. Just be cautious. This post contains information to help but check with your medical professional AND your midwife before making any decisions.

And keep in mind – just because there have been studies showing no harm, many medicines are relatively new. Ask yourself how many studies have actually been done? And how many on women taking these medications during pregnancy? Those scientific safety studies may not apply to you at all now that you’re carrying a baby.

Medications During Pregnancy: Ratings and Risks

Newbie Mommy Blog shared a nice list you can keep:


What medications are safe to take during pregnancy? 

In this video, Dr. Shefali Tyagi explains that everything from sleeping pills to antibiotics can have an effect on the baby, so you should consult a doctor. She says that you need to stop popping over the counter pills, too, and check with your doctor.

Pregnancy Information : Medications to Avoid During Pregnancy

The FDA categorizes medication use during pregnancy based on levels according to their safety:

You need to be cautious with herbs, as well. Some are not safe during pregnancy. Be sure to disclose herbal remedies when you speak to your doctor and/or midwife (quick overview of what herbs to avoid during pregnancy)

…tell your doctor about any alternative medicines or supplements you take, even if the label says “natural.” ~WebMD

Prenatal vitamins may be safe, but you should check with your healthcare provider about all other supplements and natural remedies. Many herbal remedies have not been properly tested to be proven safe for pregnant women. WebMD discusses the safety or alternative care like massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic treatment here: What Alternative Therapies Are Considered Safe During Pregnancy?

Understanding Medication Use During Pregnancy

More in-depth explanation of FDA ratings:

Have concerns about your medications and supplements? Speak to your doctor and/or midwife right away, so he or she can give you advice on what to stop taking, switch to, or start taking.


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