How to Choose Pregnancy Friendly Picnic Food

Pregnancy can be a very stressful period in a woman’s life. A picnic is a great way to relax.

One of the main dilemmas here, though, is choosing pregnancy friendly picnic food. It is very important to stick to healthy eating habits during pregnancy as this has a positive influence on baby’s development and health. Plus, it makes coping with pregnancy-related symptoms somewhat easier.

Below are a few great choices for pregnancy friendly picnic food.


Eating fruit during pregnancy is one of the best ways to supply your body with nutrients that help you fight symptoms such as heartburn, constipation, etc. Different kinds of fruits are rich in all sorts of vitamins every pregnant woman needs to make sure Baby develops properly. When it comes to pregnancy friendly picnic food, fruit is perfect as you can wash it or even chop it and place in a small box while at home. Once you settle on your blanket, just take out the fruit and the healthy snack is ready.

  • Oranges – vitamin C, folic acid
  • Bananas – potassium, vitamin B6
  • Apples – vitamin C, fiber
  • Peaches – vitamin A, E, C
  • Strawberries – vitamin C
  • Apricots – vitamin C, magnesium
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The selection of healthy snacks you can prepare with vegetables are limitless, and combining different types will help boost the benefits you obtain from this type of food. Whether you choose carrot sticks, a fresh salad, or cucumbers, avocado, or broccoli, you are in for a real treat. Precooked or raw vegetables are easy to serve and eat outside, so simply pick the types of vegetables you love the most, pack everything in small boxes, and enjoy!

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Muffins are perfect to eat on the go, which is why we recommend them for a picnic. Making the muffins an evening before the picnic day is very convenient, but they’re so easy making them in the morning is a great option as well.

If you opt for sweet muffins, make sure you add some fruit, such as blueberries, cherries or raspberries. Not only will they be a delicious treat when we talk about pregnancy friendly picnic food, but they will also help you with your regular intake of healthy nutrients during pregnancy.

Instead of fruit, you could always choose vegetables, such as spinach and broccoli, as well as other green leafy vegetables, which are rich in iron. Since most pregnant ladies develop iron deficiency during pregnancy, eating plenty of iron-rich vegetables is a great way to combat this.

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If you are planning to spend an entire day outside, you will need more than just snacks. Make a couple of sandwiches at home and pack them separately so you can easily serve them during the picnic. Make sure you choose healthy ingredients for the sandwiches. Not only are they going to keep you full during your day out, but they will make sure you keep track of your balanced diet, an important factor in healthy pregnancy.

Include lettuce and tomatoes, rich in vitamin C, or choose avocado, a great source of vitamin B6. In case you decide to add some roasted chicken or fish, both of which are recommended during pregnancy, make sure you put the sandwiches in a portable cooler, as the weather outside might be too hot and you do not want to risk any of the ingredients going bad.

A lot of researchers connect a healthy diet with a healthy pregnancy, and eventually healthy baby, so make sure you stick to a well-balanced diet during pregnancy. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. This rule should also be applied to picnics.

Just pick up a couple of small boxes and fill them with pregnancy-friendly and you will have everything set for a perfect, relaxing picnic.

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