Is Your Prenatal Yoga DVD Right for Your Skill Level?

Looking for the best prenatal yoga DVD for expectant mothers but don’t know which one to pick? Look no further.

A prenatal yoga DVD is a great gift for a pregnant friend or for you if you’re expecting. It seems like yoga was almost designed for pregnancy. It calms while improving strength and flexibility without being overly strenuous, all of which are characteristics of the perfect prenatal workout. The breathing and relaxation techniques will even come in handy during labor.

Purchasing a prenatal yoga DVD will also be helpful for those who feel self-conscious or desire the privacy of their own home during yoga.

Of course, it is important to take into consideration the type of yoga you should be doing in each trimester. You don’t want to be performing hour-long sessions of hot yoga in your third trimester.

Here are the top two prenatal yoga DVDs for beginning and advanced yoga practitioners.

Prenatal Yoga DVD for a Beginner

This DVD features an excellent 45-minute routine that can be performed throughout all three trimesters. This routine focuses on mindfulness, meditation, and calmness, which provides the perfect peace of mind during pregnancy and labor. Bartlett’s routine is slow-paced but helps build strength, increase stamina, and build energy – useful skills during pregnancy, labor, and parenthood. The meditation and breathing techniques will be particularly useful during childbirth.

Desi Bartlett is an amazing host who facilitates the awareness of the joyousness and beauty experienced through pregnancy and childbirth, which makes sense as she is pregnant herself in the DVD. While other routines may be difficult for those just starting out, this really is the best prenatal yoga DVD for beginners.

mom to be in a yoga pose

Prenatal Yoga DVD for an Advanced Practitioner

Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Short Forms with Jennifer Wolfe is a more versatile DVD designed for those who practiced yoga before pregnancy. This DVD features routines that are 15, 30, and 45 minutes long with a 5-minute relaxation routine. Most importantly, Jennifer Wolfe includes routine modifications for each stage of pregnancy along with a few poses that will actually aid in childbirth.

While this DVD sounds magnificent, it is definitely not recommended for beginners, especially those in their second or third trimester. However, it is certainly the best prenatal yoga DVD for advanced students.

Best prenatal yoga dvd: Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Short Forms

Have you tried any prenatal yoga DVDs? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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