Seasonal Sniffles or Chronic Cough? Mom’s Must Have Tool for Kids With Respiratory Illness

Winter is here and with it the peak of cold and flu season! So while some parents are busy with frosty snowmen, hot cocoa, and warm fires, others will be busy with stuffy noses, chronic coughs, and warm foreheads. There’s no day like a snow day spent inside nursing a sick child.

If this sounds all too familiar to you, you should talk to your doctor about the benefits of a pediatric nebulizer!

What is a Pediatric Nebulizer?

A nebulizer is a small device that turns liquid medicine into a very fine, inhalable spray. This allows the medicine to be breathed directly into the lungs. The mist easily enters the bloodstream to bring your child relief as quickly as possible.

Nebulizers might be easier than inhalers for little ones to use. Inhalers must be correctly aimed and properly timed, so they can be tricky for children who are too young, too small, or too frightened to use them. Using a nebulizer, on the other hand, is as easy as breathing! Simply place the face mask over your child’s mouth and nose and allow them to breathe the atomized medicine freely for the prescribed amount of time.

Pediatric nebulizers often come in fun designs (like kitties, puppies, and trucks) to make them even more child-friendly to use! Many will also have features like flashing lights and quiet motors to make treatment a calmer, easier process for kids and parents alike.little girl enjoying fresh air

Does My Child Need a Nebulizer?

Nebulizers are often prescribed to treat respiratory conditions like asthma, RSV, and croup. They may also be prescribed for seasonal allergies.

Symptoms of respiratory disorders can differ widely from child to child, so it’s best to talk to your doctor as soon as they occur. Contact a health professional right away if your child experiences shortness of breath, rapid breathing, wheezing, or chest pain.

Will My Insurance Cover a Nebulizer?

Most insurance companies will provide reimbursement for the cost of a pediatric nebulizer! Not only that but many times they will also cover the cost of replacement supplies.

Over time, some parts of the nebulizer – such as the mask, tubing, and medicine cup – may naturally become worn or damaged with use. Keeping your nebulizer and its parts clean and in good working order is important to ensure that your child receives the greatest benefit from treatment.

The good news? Your insurance or Medicaid may cover the cost of replacing these parts at no additional charge to you!

A durable medical equipment provider like Aeroflow Healthcare can simplify the process by contacting your doctor and insurance provider for you and then shipping the nebulizer or replacement parts straight to your door.

If your child is experiencing chronic breathing problems, ask your pediatrician if a nebulizer is the right course, then use Aeroflow’s simple online form to see if you qualify for a nebulizer through insurance. Relief from your child’s respiratory illness is just a breath away.

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