Sleep Better during Pregnancy in 5 Easy Steps

You need far more rest during pregnancy than before.

Your body is changing and adapting to the new life inside on top of growing and nourishing your little one. That’s a lot of work! Sure, trying to sleep better during pregnancy can be a challenge but it’s worth the effort. Here are some steps to take to get better sleep.

1. A Comfy Mattress

A quality mattress can make all the difference in the world when it comes to comfortable sleep. A firmer mattress can give your expanding body more support but a softer mattress may cause sore hips since you’ll have to sleep on your side during most of your pregnancy. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, try several out before buying. Even better, try brands that let you test out the bed in your home for a few weeks! A comfy mattress will definitely help you sleep better during pregnancy.

2. Plenty of Pillows

Getting into the best position can be greatly aided with lots of pillows around. You may even want to try those pillows specifically for your pregnant belly. Tucking pillows in between your knees, beneath your belly, and behind you to support your hips and/or shoulders will do wonders for your comfort level!

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3. Comfortable Temperature

Keeping the room a bit cooler may help you sleep more soundly. You can always throw on an extra blanket if you get chilled, but it is harder to cool off if you get too hot. Having a fan nearby can also be helpful. Many expectant moms complain of running hot during pregnancy so cooling down at night may help you relax more.

4. Sleep On Left

When you are further along in your pregnancy, you will want to consider sleeping on your left side to keep some of the pressure off the blood vessel behind your uterus. Pinching off that blood vessel means slowing blood flow to your baby which, I’m sure you know, is not a good thing.

5. Avoid Heavy Evening Meals

Going to sleep hungry is no good and neither is too full. You will want to eat just the right amount of food for your evening meal to sleep comfortably through the night.

For explanations of all these tips and more watch Dr. Alyssa Dweck:

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