Yoga during Pregnancy

Yoga During PregnancyFor all the mothers out there who want to stay fit and feel good during pregnancy, there is no better prescription than yoga.

It relaxes tired body during these intense months, strengthens and make you feel better overall.

Ready to practice yoga during pregnancy?

Whether you are wondering if it is a good idea to take up yoga while pregnant, or you have already tried yoga practice before, make sure to take a look at our helpful guide to get you started on yoga during pregnancy.


Getting a DVD is surely a good idea when you are unable to take that long and inconvenient trip to your yoga studio or simply there is no yoga for pregnant women offered.

shiva rea's yoga during pregnancy

This program, taught by one of the most well-known pregnancy yoga teachers around, provides proper yoga exercises for pregnant women at all stages of their pregnancy.

This yoga for pregnancy DVD offers meditation, breathing, and relaxation exercise to help you feel great during this challenging and enjoyable time.

Jennifer Wolfe's yoga during pregnancy

This yoga pregnancy DVD offers a variety of practices suitable to the way you feel on the day you want to do your yoga practice.

It also provides techniques to help you relax during labor and delivery.

This DVD is an excellent choice for those of you who had some prior vinyasa experience before pregnancy.

It also provides modifications for every stage of pregnancy.

Tara Lee yoga during pregnancy

Designed and suited to perfection, this yoga pregnancy DVD brings ultimate relaxation and well-explained yoga practice.

Yoga guru Tara Lee takes you on a relaxing trip that helps you tone your body and connect with yourself and your baby.

This pregnancy DVD is suitable for beginners as well as experienced yoga practitioners who want to dive in into the world of blissful relaxation and light yoga practice.


Hilaria Baldwin yoga during pregnancy

This straightforward and efficient workout DVD for pregnancy yoga contains 20-minute yoga workouts designed for you to squeeze them into a busy mommy-to-be schedule.

Hilaria is pleasant, friendly, and easy to understand. Modifications available for all trimesters will motivate every beginner. The music during the workout is calming and non-intrusive.

Tracy Anderson yoga during pregnancy

Tracy Anderson, one of the world’s top fitness gurus, invites you to take a journey through pregnancy with a program crafted for each month of your pregnancy.

Tracy is kind and encouraging as she takes you through low-impact workouts suited for your abilities.

Des Bartlett yoga during pregnancy

Desi Bartlett’s prenatal yoga program offers an excellent and even balance between meditation, stretching, and strengthening your body.

This pregnancy DVD is easy to follow and suited well for beginners in their yoga practice.


Beginner pregnancy yoga with tara lee

In this DVD, Tara Lee pairs up with Amy Eastwood and shows a range of yoga practices that will relax you during pregnancy as well as get you back in shape after the birth.

Some of the exercises might be too challenging during pregnancy for complete beginners but will serve you well after having your baby.

shiva rae postnatal yoga

In this pregnancy yoga DVD, Shiva Rea builds the exercises in a way that you will not get discouraged.

This step-by-step program will help you get back in shape in no time.

Jennifer More yoga during pregnancy

This video offers Caesarean modification which is critical for women who gave birth this way.

It is vital not to push your body too far in the beginning and to be very careful.

The video offers a lot of advice how to take good care of yourself and your body after giving birth.

This DVD is a definite a go-to to get your body back after pregnancy.


The yoga ball is used during labor itself or as an aid to induce labor. Yoga ball exercises will help you keep your body fit during pregnancy and helps a great deal relieving back pains.

The ball will help you regain good posture and practice right balance making you use your abdominal muscles.

It will make it easier to restore your body from before pregnancy much faster!

For a great workout with good instructions and pictures, go to and


When looking for yoga pants and other clothing, comfort is the fundamental issue. Try to choose fabrics that are stretchy and feel good.

Try to avoid tight pants to “get the look.”

When choosing other yoga garments and pieces, make sure you avoid baggy shirts that will make you feel unattractive while trying to hide your belly.

Take a peek at our list to help you make a right choice.

Maternity High Belly Chaturanga™ Tight by Athleta

Maternity High Belly Chaturanga yoga tights

These high waisted pants will not only make you feel comfortable but will give you the support you need during exercise.

Maternity Roll-Panel Yoga Capris

Maternity Roll-Panel Yoga Capris

Not too tight and not too loose, capris will work well not only as comfy pregnancy yoga pants, but also easy to slip into lounge wear! Plus, the price is very appealing.

Plush Hour Maternity Capri Legging

Plush Hour Maternity Capri Legging

These are absolutely stylish and will look good on you rocking those yoga poses! Made with an exceptionally soft fabric, they will give you the feeling of being hugged all the way through your practice.

Paired with classy ballet flats and a tunic dress they will also make a great outfit for an evening out.


Yoga during pregnancy will not only help you ease sickness and other discomforts, but it will also help you strengthen your body overall and prepare you for labor.

Here are some of the poses that you can try with guidelines on which trimester is best to do these yoga poses while pregnant.

Bound Angle Pose Baddha Konasana/ Butterfly Stretch

Bound Angle Pose Baddha Konasana/ Butterfly Stretch

The butterfly stretch is one of the simplest stretches, and works on your inner thighs, hips, and groin.

Extended Triangle Pose Utthita Trikonasana/ Side Triangle Pose

Extended Triangle Pose Utthita Trikonasana/ Side Triangle Pose

Yoga Journal claims that the practice of this asana improves and strengthens the legs, knees, and ankles.

Practicing this pose also stretches the groin and waist. Another benefit is from the twisting of the spine.

Twisting is a way to cleanse and reduce stress within the abdominal area, which is a huge benefit while you are pregnant.

This leads to better digestion through the stimulation of abdominal organs and a healthier body while pregnant.

Cow (Cat/Cow Sequence)

Cow (Cat/Cow Sequence) yoga pose

Great to practice during your pregnancy, this pose is also recommended to use during labor.

Lotus Pose Padmasana

Lotus Pose Padmasana yoga pose

The ultimate yoga pose. It will help you a great deal quieting your mind and emerging in the feeling of relaxation.


There is a range of YouTube channels and videos that are recorded by experienced yoga teachers and practitioners to help you practice yoga during pregnancy.

These videos are for free and make a great resource bank when you look for specific exercises for each trimester, which poses help with common discomforts while pregnant, as well as practices specified by area of your body you want to focus on.

Here is a list of great channels you should take a look at:

Tonic Yoga – “Are you a mum-to-be? Body Talk Daily’s selection of pregnancy videos were made especially so you can get up to date and informative videos from top health, fitness & food experts.”

Fightmaster Yoga – Free yoga classes with valuable and helpful content.

Yogi Melbourne – A variety of pregnancy yoga practices for all three trimesters


When doing poses, bend from your hips — not your back — to maintain normal spine curvature. Avoid lying on your belly or back, doing deep forward or backward bends, or doing twisting poses that put pressure on your abdomen.

Major Backbends

These type of yoga poses create a danger of over-stretching the abdominals. You are stretching enough as it is, so take it easy on those backbends.

Closed Twists

When practicing prenatal yoga during pregnancy, one of your goals should be focused on making space for you baby. While doing twists, you minimize that space. It can affect blood flow so try to stay focused on open twists instead.

Hot Yoga during pregnancy

Hot yoga practices, like Bikram, are generally not recommended during pregnancy. You do not want to heat your body temperature above safe levels. This can also lead to a condition called hyperthermia that can pose danger to you and your baby.

During these wonderful and challenging nine months, all you need to focus on is your well-being that will ultimately lead to safe and healthy pregnancy. Remember to set realistic goals and try not to overdo it.

Choose only these exercises that are not too strenuous and always remember to listen to your body. While choosing a yoga class, make sure that your yoga teacher has some training and experience in prenatal yoga.

Yoga during pregnancy differs quite a lot from regular yoga practice done while not pregnant.

The last thing to be mentioned is hydration during pregnancy yoga practice. Never forget to keep a bottle next to you and drink up and stay hydrated.


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