Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

This time of the year makes everything unique. Even for a big occasion itself, like announcing a pregnancy, a Christmas theme will bring even more warm feelings, love, and gratefulness.

Check out our guide for Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas to make the big news more special.

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement to Family

  1. This Christmas pregnancy announcement idea will be suitable for family, grandparents as well as make one cute Christmas card. (via J is For Jones)
    Christmas pregnancy announcements Dad kissing belly
  2. Nothing better than engaging happy siblings to take an adorable photoshoot and share the joy with your family. (via Pinterest) Christmas pregnancy announcement kids in santas sack
  3. Do you have your family over for Christmas? Do you buy them small gifts like wine bottles? Surprise them with a custom-made wine bottle to share the big news. (via Etsy) Christmas pregnancy announcement family wine bottles
  4. Skip all photo shoots and send out these tickets instead to announce your baby’s arrival. If you are planning to throw a party just before the baby arrives, this would be a very good idea to send these too. (via pregnancy announcement using tickets
  5. Adorable pregnancy backlit with a proud mom-to-be in the main role also makes a great announcement.Christmas pregnancy announcement to family using silhouette photo

Christmas pregnancy announcement to your husband

  1. Now, this is a cute surprise! Nothing else needed under the Christmas tree this year!
    Christmas pregnancy announcement to your husband using a stocking

    (via Pinterest)
  2. Another cute way in the form of a Christmas gift to announce a pregnancy to your partner for Christmas. Christmas pregnancy announcement to your husband using a baby shoe box

Christmas pregnancy announcement for grandparents

  1. Nothing will make your and partner’s parents happier than a gift of a new generation in the family, especially if it happens to be their first grandchild. Make the gift even more special with this cute onesie.
    Christmas pregnancy announcement for grandparents with a onsie

    Available on Etsy
  2. This Christmas pregnancy idea is beautiful and will make a unique addition to this year’s soon-to-be-grandparents’ Christmas tree decoration.
    Christmas pregnancy announcement for grandparents with a handmade ornament

    (via Etsy)
  3. This adorable heart-shaped chalkboard piece with a sonogram picture will make the countdown for grandparents even more exciting (like that’s possible!). Plus, it will make a great Christmas gift.Christmas pregnancy announcement for grandparents with sonogram ornament

Pregnancy announcement in Christmas card

  1. This cute Christmas pregnancy idea takes lyrics of one of the happiest Christmas songs and changes it into a personal message with a baby in the box.
    Pregnancy announcement in Christmas card mom and dad photo

    (via DLU Photography)
  2. Celebrate Christmas with this excellent picture used as a theme for a Christmas card. (via announcement in Christmas card candy cane
  3. Another beautiful idea is to use a sonogram picture with your little one. It might require a professional camera but will make an excellent card. (via monarch healthcare)Pregnancy announcement in Christmas card holding a sonogram
  4. Wishing all the best for ‘tis season with a design card. This is an option for those who are too shy to share pictures. (via monarch healthcare)Pregnancy announcement using a simple Christmas card

Pregnancy announcement Christmas ornament

  1. Keeping it simple with this adorable shot of a handmade Christmas ornament.
    Pregnancy announcement Christmas gold ornament

    (via Pinterest)
  2. This very Christmassy ornament will do just as good as an announcement to your closest family and as a photo to be put on Facebook. (via announcement snowman family ornament
  3. Make your own unique ornament to make this Christmas even more festive! (via crab+fish)Snowball Christmas ornament to announce pregnancy

Christmas pregnancy announcement with stockings

  1. It’s a simple, yet charming setting. (via Pinterest) Everyone will get the idea!Christmas pregnancy announcement with stockings
  2. Here’s a happy message with a simple decoration. It does not get much easier than this! (via pregnancy announcement with small baby stocking

Ugly Christmas sweater pregnancy announcement

  1. If you are aiming to spread the news without actually saying it, then let these slouchy sweaters do the job. (via Etsy)announcing pregnancy with ugly christmas sweater
  2. Let it sparkle this year. Christmas sweaters don’t get any more festive than this! “We decided to announce to friends during an ugly Christmas sweater party. We added battery operated flashing lights as well to make our news really sparkle!” (via Christmas sweater pregnancy announcement homemade

Christmas pregnancy announcement shirts

  1. You can get this adorable shirt for your children to be used as a prop for a family photoshoot. (via Etsy)Christmas pregnancy announcement shirts
  2. Little baby elf peeking out of the pouch (also available in many skin shades) found on Etsy
    Christmas pregnancy announcement shirts with elf
  3. Cute and cozy Christmas pregnancy announcement tee for a happy momma. (via Etsy)Christmas pregnancy announcement with stylish shirts

Christmas pregnancy announcement video

  1. This family did not expect this under a Christmas tree! Check out this hilarious video for some inspiration.
  2. Here’s another…best unexpected gift to share with a big family.
  3. This family got to open a mysterious gift all at the same time.

Christmas pregnancy announcement on Facebook

  1. Expecting twins? That is a definite go-to in sharing with the world! (via Laura Elyse)Christmas pregnancy announcement on Facebook
  2. For those who are not yet ready to be in the flash of a camera. Share this Sonogram instead! (via the fifty-one)
    Christmas pregnancy announcement on Facebook with photoshop image
  3. This is an idea for those of you keeping it minimalist style. If you are looking for something beyond adorable, and yet not shouting as it is common in the area of oversharing, this might be a way to go to announce your pregnancy on social media. (via monarch healthcare)Christmas pregnancy announcement on Facebook mom and dad holding little boots
  4. If you’re looking for an original social media pregnancy announcement and you want to make it really big, then check out this photo inspiration for loads of Christmas feeling and joy! (found on Pinterest)dad talking to santa about pregnancy on christmas day

Christmas pregnancy announcement photo ideas

  1. This little prop will help you spread the big news. It’s also something that your baby will use once he or she arrives. (via x0beautybykayla)Christmas pregnancy announcement photo ideas
  2. This adorable photoshoot of Mitch and Kristin gives more than one idea to announce your holiday-themed pregnancy announcement. They have a picnic, lovely chalk mugs with mommy and daddy on them, plus they use a creative play on words with adding to “the family tree.” (via Alyssa Shrock photography)little shoes under a Christmas tree pregnancy announcement
  3. Another cute onesie idea. Admit it, one of the best parts of having a baby coming is that you get to dress them in all sorts of adorable costumes and onesies. You can incorporate one of those into a photoshoot that can be used as a photo for a family or a Christmas card. (via Jason Allen images)Holding a onsie Christmas pregnancy announcement

Christmas pregnancy announcement with dogs

  1. Our pets are family members, so it’s only natural that we do want to include them in all the fun. (via themullikinstudio)Christmas pregnancy announcement with dogs

Christmas pregnancy announcement with sibling

  1. This little fellow wishes nothing else for Christmas! (via Daisy and Daydreams)Christmas pregnancy announcement with sibling
  2. A family portrait is proof that dreams do come true. (via girl christmas pregnancy announcement
  3. These two are quite merry! (via brothers christmas pregnancy announcement
  4. It does not get cozier than this. (via sarahschwartzphotography)little boy christmas pregnancy announcement
  5. Chalkboards, chalkboards everywhere! Santa’s coming to town. Love all around us. Get this customized Christmas pregnancy announcement prop and make any picture special. (via Etsy)small family christmas pregnancy announcement

Second pregnancy announcement at Christmas

  1. Cute and creative mistletoe Christmas pregnancy announcement (via Taking time in the city)Second pregnancy announcement at Christmas
  2. This prop can be used in many ways to share your Christmas pregnancy announcement with your closest friends and family. Only child expires custom shirt for your firstborn. (found via Etsy)only child christmas pregnancy announcement tshirt Whichever idea you choose, make it special and memorable. Do you have any ideas that we might have forgotten? Share them with us!
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