The Best Expecting Mom Mother’s Day Gifts

Baby may still be lying comfortably in the womb, but mothers-to-be get a head start on celebrating Mother’s Day.

This means all of her loved ones should start looking for an expecting mom Mother’s Day gift.

The stores and the internet are flooded with stuff for pregnant women, new mothers, and babies. But, there are some specific items which will be appreciated more than others. Put some thought into it and your gift will be useful and not just a mere symbolic gesture.

In most cases, by the time a pregnant woman reaches her final trimester she needs all the help, she can get. There are some things you can do to make it easier and more comfortable for her.

How to make sure you find the best expecting-mom Mother’s Day gift:
  1. A good night’s rest is the best gift.

Pregnancy is physically tiring for most women. The worst part is that sleeping is also a challenge as they need to wobble in bed and struggle to find a position that’s comfortable for both her and the baby.

A pregnancy pillow is a godsend for any woman and a gift which will surely be appreciated. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, such as an oversized total body pillow, a wedge pillow, or a smaller full body pillow. A good idea would be to have a casual talk about the sleeping situation to get an idea of her preference and then surprise her with the best-expecting mom Mother’s Day gift ever.

Read our list of the best body pillows for pregnancy.

expecting mom mother's day gift body pillow
  1. A gift basket with a lot of small and considerate surprises.

Granted, it may not be the most original idea, but it is one that will be more than appreciated. Here’s why.

She may have received a gift baskets as a joke from her friends with chocolate, kitschy clothing and common slogans printed all over it, but this is the time to make the ultimate expecting mom Mother’s Day gift. Well-chosen cosmetics, must-have accessories, and some very classy pampering treats are what a pregnant woman needs more than just a laugh.

Think about it this way… she’s way too concerned with other things to be going around looking for stretch mark oil. She is also frustrated and stressed about not fitting into most of her clothes to give any special accessory a real try. Properly chosen, professional items will give her the surprise of discovery and it will be a pleasure for her to use. This can really help her take her mind off how difficult pregnancy in its final stages can be.

Don’t go for an already made selection of products, but choose them yourself to make the expecting mom Mother’s Day gift more thoughtful. Listen to what she needs and try to make the present more personal.

  1. A professional photo session for fun and for lifting the spirits.

Working through those final pregnancy weeks can really take a toll on the way a woman sees herself. This is a great moment to make her feel beautiful. A professional photographer will make her feel great, the pictures will come out amazing, and it will be a great souvenir of this special moment in your lives. This makes the professional photo session the expecting mom Mother’s Day gift of confidence.

  1. A day at the spa!

This is a sure win in most situations. Just in case the mother-to-be is fully equipped with EVERYTHING and is the kind of person who is impossible to shop for because she already has it all, a day at the spa is a great gift which will help her relax in a much-needed way.

expecting mom Mother's Day gift belly rub
    1. Plan for an escape and go on a babymoon!

Once the baby arrives, you will never be just the two of you again and you will need to stay around the house more. Even if you manage a quick getaway every now and then, it’s good to acknowledge the last moments in which your family is made out of only two people. This can be the most perfect expecting mom Mother’s Day gift you can offer if you make an effort to choose everything she likes from her favorite location to her favorite activities.

expecting mom Mother's Day gift babymoon

You can make a small effort or you can pull out all the stops for this Mother’s Day. The important thing is to make her a little bit more comfortable and show support and real consideration regarding her current needs. This is how you make sure that whatever you choose for the expecting mom Mother’s Day gift is appreciated.


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