5 Types of the Best Maternity Underwear You Need if You’re Pregnant

When you reach a certain point in your pregnancy, you notice all of your clothing becomes uncomfortable. Even your underwear! With a growing belly that’s itchy and uncomfortable, you’ll need a drawer full of the best maternity underwear. They’ll be your BFFs throughout the remainder of your pregnancy and postpartum.

Why You Need the Best Maternity Underwear

Do you need maternity underwear? Yes! You may not think you do, but wait until it changes your pregnant and postpartum life. You may be toughing it out and not even know it. If you feel extreme relief when you take a bath or shower and shed those clothes that tighten too much around your belly, those are tell-tale signs that you may be wearing the wrong kind of underwear.

To understand better, you have to know what maternity underwear is. Not sure? Don’t worry, you’ll learn all about it in this post.

Best Maternity Support Underwear

What Is Maternity Underwear?

Maternity underwear comes in many shapes, sizes, designs, and purposes. The primary goal is to make life with a bump and the postpartum period much more comfortable. Who doesn’t want that? Whether you favor granny panties or thongs, there’s a comfortable, stretchy maternity underwear style for you that will help you rock your bump and post-baby body comfortably and happily.

There are five basic types of maternity underwear you’ll need from pregnancy through postpartum. Within those, of course, there are a wide variety of types and styles for you to choose from. By understanding each type, you’ll see their purpose and will confidently fill up your panty drawer with the best maternity underwear available.

1. Basic Maternity Underwear

Basic maternity underwear is typically made of breathable cotton and other stretchy, soft materials. These are your go-to comfortable maternity underwear. Nothing too fancy, your basic maternity underwear will get you through your everyday activities.

For basic maternity underwear, you can choose from over belly maternity underwear and the variety that doesn’t ride up over your bump. Over the belly maternity underwear is just how you would imagine it. The waist-line is very high, allowing you to cover your entire bump with the underwear. This is really nice because it also provides a little bit of support for your growing belly. For women who experience itching on the lower belly and feel uncomfortable with the underwear cutting into their belly, over belly underwear are a great choice.

However, if you prefer that nothing hug your belly, you can choose lower-rise maternity underwear. These are typically either cut in a v-shape to avoid touching your belly in front or are fold-overs, making them adjustable to the size of your bump. Shorts and boy shorts are additional options to give you fuller coverage in your thighs and buttocks.

Live where it’s cold? If you’re pregnant during the winter, you may also want some maternity thermal underwear. You may have to search, but you’ll be glad to stay nice and warm when outdoors. Mountain Mama has a few choices in thermal underwear tops and bottoms specially made for expecting mamas.

Plus size maternity underwear is also available so that you can remain comfortable as your bump grows. Many popular brands including Thyme maternity underwear that go up to 4x size so that you can feel great, no matter what your size.

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Best PostPartum Underwear

2. Sexy Maternity Underwear

Who says the fun in the bedroom has to be put on hold until the baby arrives? As long as your doctor hasn’t asked you to refrain, there’s no need to stop enjoying your love life. Whether you’d like to impress your partner or just feel sexy in your glorious, life-giving body, a few pairs of sexy maternity underwear are essential. So, seek out the lace! Look for some bows. Remember, there’s no need to stick to boring shades of nude, black and white either. Buy yourself some brightly colored underwear as well! When you’re feeling up for it, break out that sexy underwear. You’ll feel great, which will just add to your lovely pregnancy glow.

3. Maternity Support Underwear

At some point in the second or third trimester, you’ll start really feeling the weight of your baby. If and when that happens, you may need some maternity support underwear. With this special underwear, you’ll take some of the pressure off your lower belly and support your back. But, what are they? Typically, these special supportive underwear cover your entire belly. Slightly tight, they help contain the belly and help distribute the weight. Many expecting moms swear by them and own a few pairs!

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4. Maternity Underwear for Hospital

Yes, birth is a messy affair. So, don’t take your favorite underwear to the hospital. They may come home stained beyond repair. Surprisingly, moms choose disposal maternity underwear. Many hospitals actually provide the famous mesh underwear for free! The purpose of this underwear is to hold your pad in place. After a natural birth, you’ll likely bleed for at least a week, and the hours after birth are really rough. So, the mesh underwear serves to hold everything in place.

C-section mamas will also need a comfortable, loose pair of underwear that doesn’t irritate wound dressings. Once again, mesh or disposable maternity underwear is a great idea. Some disposable underwear also comes with a built-in pad! Even if your hospital provides underwear, you may want to have a supply on hand for the first few days after you go home. That way, you can avoid at least a small amount of laundry, as you just toss this underwear once they’ve been used.

5. Maternity Underwear After Birth

After birth, your stomach will feel a bit squishy. It’s understandable. Your muscles just stretched for nearly 9 months to accommodate a baby. When the baby arrives, it takes some months for them to regain their strength and tone. As a result, you may want some support for your belly muscles in the form of maternity slimming underwear. The secret here is that this underwear will not only help define your waist by tightening your mid-section, they’ll also provide support. After birth, you’ll feel wobbly and unsupported by your abdominal muscles. With some maternity slimming underwear, you’ll gain some support, and of course, look great!

Now you know the basics of what the essential and best maternity underwear are. Next, you need to buy it.

Where to Buy Maternity Underwear

There are many online and retail shops that carry a great variety of maternity wear. As mentioned, Thyme is one company that focuses on maternity wear including underwear. Motherhood maternity underwear is another place to check. You can purchase online or in their many retail shops. Hanes maternity underwear is another great choice that offers comfortable but affordable underwear that can be a staple throughout your pregnancy.  Occasionally, Huggies offers free maternity underwear, a promotion they offer for future mamas who sign up with the diaper company.

With the best maternity underwear, you’ll be ready to face all stages of pregnancy and birth. Do you have a favorite pair of maternity underwear? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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