6 Hidden Pregnancy Expenses No One Talks About

You may think you’re financially prepared for the new addition to your family, but there are some pregnancy expenses people rarely talk about.

Here’s our list of pregnancy expenses you need to be aware of.

Maternity & Paternity Leave

Surprisingly enough, many businesses and companies provide paternity leave for fathers-to-be. However, not all pay. Having your partner around for your last stretch of pregnancy can be a great comfort, but you must decide if you can do without the paycheck, if necessary.

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You may not be paid for your maternity leave either. Living with one to two less paychecks may require some planning.

Maternity Clothes

Maybe you expected this one, maybe not. Maybe you thought you would be able to wear your regular clothes longer or that you could borrow from a friend. Even if that’s your plan, things just might not work out that way. How much should you expect to budget? Here’s what one mom spent:

Over my three pregnancies I’ve probably spent an average of $300-$500 dollars on maternity clothes. To give you an estimate, on one trip to Destination Maternity, a popular expectant momma store at the mall, I spent $100 alone on just one pair of jeans, one pair of shorts, two tank tops, and one t-shirt. Ouch. ~EveryDay Family

Health Insurance

All those prenatal care doctor visits and that hospital stay can get costly. It’s a good time to check your insurance and see what you will need to pay before your insurance kicks in, what your co-pays are, etc.

Since pregnancy is a high-cost health expense even for women with health insurance, you’ll want to focus especially on the cost of premiums and the co-insurance to keep your overall costs as low as possible.

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Extra Personal Products & Toiletries

This one is a bit odd, we know, but you will likely go through more toiletries while pregnant. Aside from the extra soap, you may need for that growing belly, you may require more shampoo because your hair is growing like crazy. You will likely need more toilet paper for all that extra urination, and possibly changes in your dental care such as a softer toothbrush or different toothpaste. Pregnancy hormones can do strange things to your gums. You may also want to consider replacing your toiletries with non-toxic ones. For example, phthalates, found in cosmetics and shampoo, get into your bloodstream and affect yours and your baby’s hormones. To find the safest products, visit EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database.

Food, Food, and More Food

As your belly grows and hormones rage, you will likely be eating more and spending more on random food cravings. Late night runs to your closest fast food place or ice cream splurges may not seem like much, but these things can add up. But, you and baby have to be fed, right!? Just prepare a bit of extra room in your grocery budget.

Comforting Little Luxuries

New bedding, extra pillows, monthly massages? These are pregnancy expenses that will make your pregnancy not only manageable but enjoyable. You are nesting and you need some extra TLC after all.

…when you retain water and have swollen footsies, cushy slippers will make you feel sooo much better. ~The Stir

Have you discovered any hidden pregnancy expenses not listed here? Let’s hear about it in the comments…


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