7 Beautiful Bird-Inspired Baby Names

I’ll admit it. I love nature names. I love Mother Nature, so the logic follows.

I happened to name my daughter after a flower. I know. Flower names are so common now. What’s not so common? Bird names! Sure there’s Robin … and Raven … what else?

Here’s some beautiful ones for you:

  1. Ani: Sure, people might pronounce it “Annie” when it’s actually pronounced “Ah-nee” (the “a” sounds like the “a” in “ball”) but when it’s pronounced correctly I think it’s just lovely.

  2. Corvid: What a cool guy’s name! Corvid. Strong with consonants on both ends, an uncommon “v” right in the middle. A little hip, a little mysterious. I dig it.

  3. Griffon: Okay, this one’s a bit more common. I briefly considered this name for my lil’ one if we were to have a boy, but it doesn’t translate well into my husband’s native language of Spanish. Still, just the image of a griffon makes this an awesome name.

  4. Ibis: Kind of sounds like “iris” (there’s those flower names again!) but with a little tweak, making it extra cool.

  5. Jacana: Now doesn’t that just sound exotic, like a tropical fruit or a remote island with white sand beaches and crystal blue water? And who doesn’t like exotic?

  6. Serin: I love that this is almost “Serina” but not … a tiny variation makes it so unique!

  7. Sparrow: Just because they’re so darned cute!

Want more? There’s 19 more bird-inspired names in this Mothering.com post – check ’em out!

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