7 facts and myths about getting pregnant

A conversation. Some flirtation. Menstruation. Ovulation. Fornication. 9 months gestation. And just like that,  a baby creation. Getting pregnant is that simple, right? Wrong. We humans are complicated creatures. Pregnancy is a vast topic and is different for everyone. Not only that, getting pregnant is constantly surrounded by old wives tales. What is truth? Which are lies? Does THAT actually work? To clear up any uncertainties you may have, check out these 7 facts about getting pregnant that most people don’t know:

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1. Certain positions will not increase your chances of pregnancy

Propping your pelvis up will not increase your chances of conception. There is no solid evidence to prove this despite more than a third of women believing it to be true.

2. Having sex standing up is not going decide your child’s gender

In accordance with no.1, no position in sex is going to aid your chances of having a boy or a girl. You can convince yourself that it does, but it doesn’t. If however you do conceive the gender you longed for, that is nothing but pure coincidence,

3. Less sex = more chance of pregnancy

Did you know that ejaculating frequently lowers your man’s sperm count? Yes. So if you think having extra sex is going to up your chances of pregnancy, then you might have the wrong end of the stick. Fertility specialists advise for sperm to be inside your body for two days prior to ovulation and then on the day you ovulate.

4. The importance of folic acid supplements

If you are a woman of child bearing age, you should be taking folic acid supplements. If you are trying to conceive it is vital to take these one month before conception in order to prevent neural tube defects.

5. If you want to DECREASE your fertility please follow these three easy steps:

  • smoke cigarettes
  • eat excessively to the point of obesity
  • don’t find out the reason behind your irregular periods

6. STI’s = Bye, bye, ability to conceive

There is a huge chance that even today chlamydia and gonorrhea will block your tubes thus preventing conception. So be smart and take the necessary precautions in order to avoid these.

7. Debunking the stress factor

You’re stressed. You’re trying everything to get pregnant and it’s still not happening. So you figure it must be because you’re completely stressed out. What baby wants to be brought into this world under these stressful conditions anyways? It have to be stress’ fault, right? Wrong. Doctors claim there is VERY little evidence that links stress to infertility.


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