Baby names that signify genius?

Have you been having arguments with your better half about what to name your baby? This is a great opportunity to compromise and also honor relatives if the process has been contentious and the best part is that everybody wins! Especially your baby!

Melissa Jones is an average baby. Melissa T. Jones, though? That baby is a genius. Or at least, other people will think so. And really, isn’t that what matters?

According to a new study, people with middle initials are perceived as smarter than those without them. For example, when asked to choose between two similar articles, people liked the article authored by David F. Clark better than that by David Clark, regardless that the two articles were identical.

When these same subjects were asked to join fictional debate teams, they wanted to join those with the most members who had middle names.

According to the study, displaying a middle initial increases the perceived social status of an individual, creating a positive bias about their performance and intellectual capacity.

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This is because high status professionals usually use middle initials which means they have become associated with people who command respect. It is also a fact that those with the habit of giving their children middle names have more resources overall.

So if you want to give your kid a leg up in life, start with a few extra names. One does the trick, researchers say, but two or three are also fine.

If a middle name is all it takes to be perceived as smarter and richer, perhaps we all should have one.

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What’s your take on the study? How many names do you have? Would you give your baby a middle name? Tell us in the comments section below.


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