Generator Picks Perfect Baby Name for Your Little Hipster

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Finally a tool to find a name that’s as “alternative” as your baby.

Do you dream of raising a child who insists on watching indie cartoons while sipping craft milk? Are you already stocked on the trendiest diapers? Then there’s a tool made specifically to help you pick your hip and ironic baby name.

Hip baby
She’d tell you about her favorite band… but you’d never have heard of them.    From

The Hipster Baby Name Generator allows you to select between “male,” “female,” and “non-conformist” and then decide between personality aspects of your baby, like if they would  choose “Fair-Trade Peruvian alpaca blankets for a perfect rest.”

With this tool naming a future non-conformist is simple. Finally I know what to name my gender non-conformist, Malaysian oyster eating, instagramming child.

Come on Scout Benson Grape, it’s time to teach you to ride a penny-farthing.   

Check out the site here.


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