Pros and Cons Of Freezing Your Eggs

Egg freezing, or oocyte cryopreservation, is a procedure that helps preserve a woman’s fertility. Normally, the eggs that are prevalent in the ovaries are the ones that are taken out from the body and frozen for as many months or years as the woman wants.

When the patient decides that they do want to have children, these eggs are taken out and combined with the sperm in a controlled environmental. This combined formation is then inserted into the uterus through a medical procedure known as vitro fertilization. The OBGYN is usually the person that guides the patients through this entire procedure and lets them in on the chances of them having a baby when the time is right.

Reasons Why Egg Freezing Is A Good Option

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There is no doubt that freezing one’s eggs is a great alternative for those who don’t want to have children in the present but are open to the idea in the possible future. Here are some of the reasons why egg freezing is a good option:

1. Doesn’t Restrict You To A Clock

One of the most common reasons why people tend to freeze their eggs is because of the time factor that needs to be taken into account. It is common knowledge that a woman has a better chance of pregnancy in her twenties and early thirties, but as they age, the likelihood of that happening is diminished. Egg freezing means that a woman can stand a chance to have a child even as late as her forties.

2. Gives You Time To Pursue Your Goals

There is no doubt that raising a child is something that is incredibly joyous and fulfilling, but having a career along with that child is sometimes a challenge, especially if one is just starting their career. People often choose to set up their careers first and become more stable before they can try to start a family, and freezing one’s eggs gives you the option to do so without having many consequences as a result of it.

3. Helps You Focus On Your Current Relationships

A lot of times, couples face a lot of pressure as a result of the time running out in their chances to start a family. For a healthy upbringing of a child, the parents should ideally be on the same page and should be able to work as a collective unit. Freezing ones eggs gives time to the couple to develop their relationship, enabling them to be more ready for the baby in the future.

4. Increases The Chances Of Having A Child To An Extent

A lot of times, people are diagnosed with conditions that reduce their fertility, which hinders their ability to have children in the future. Freezing one’s eggs when healthy ensures that you would have the option of having children in the future, even if there are certain external factors that limit your overall ability to do so.

Reasons Why Egg Freezing In Not A Good Option

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Even though egg freezing is largely seen as something that can benefit a couple that is looking to have children, it is not always the best approach for couples to take. Here are some of the drawbacks that can be faced when an individual goes down the route of freezing ones eggs.

1. It’s Expensive

The entire process of freezing one’s eggs doesn’t come cheap. When going through this, a couple is required to pay the costs of freezing the eggs, proper storage of it, the OBGYN visits, and of course the process of insemination. These costs can quickly add up, making the entire process incredibly expensive. Because of this, couples must be wary of this and analyze whether or not they would benefit from this kind of investment in their future.

2. It Doesn’t Always Work

While the process of freezing one’s eggs has come a long way since the early days, there is always a chance of this not being effective. Currently, there is only a twenty to thirty percent chance of this process working, and women sometimes undergo multiple attempts before they get pregnant. For someone who is trying to weigh the pros and cons, this is something that should definitely be taken into consideration.

3. Most People Never Actually Use Their Frozen Eggs

There are several instances in which couples choose to freeze their eggs, but don’t end up using them at all, either because they don’t want to start a family, or because they have been able to do so by the natural way. This ends up in a lot of money lost as a result of the freezing process, which is not always beneficial for the individuals involved in this entire process of freezing one’s eggs.

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