10 Uncommon Pregnancy Milestones You Should Celebrate

Pregnancy can easily turn into a blur with one milestone after another.

However, there are some pregnancy milestones you won’t find in any books but you should celebrate nonetheless. How many of these pregnancy milestones should you receive a merit badge for?

  1. “Riding in public transport during your first trimester without throwing up” badge.
pregnancy milestones

Some women escape the first trimester without nausea and the extremely heightened sense of smell, but most aren’t that lucky. If you actually managed to ride the bus or train without throwing up when your nose was on 368%, you definitely deserve this merit badge.

2. “Karaoke with no alcohol” badge.

Performing karaoke deserves a merit badge all on its own. When you can do it only on ginger ale, you’re a bonafide star.

3. “The proper bump” badge.

pregnancy milestones

Finally, you’re starting to look pregnant and not simply fat and undergoing the aftermath of bad Chinese takeout. This is one of the best pregnancy milestones to celebrate!

4. “The maternity bridesmaids dress” badge.

pregnancy milestones

Your best friend decided to get married while you were 8 months pregnant.  Why she couldn’t postpone the wedding for another year until your back in shape you still don’t know and aren’t sure you’ll forgive her for but that’s another story. Collect your best friend badge and know that she owes you forever!

5. The “haven’t punched any strangers that have touched my belly” badge.

pregnancy milestones

Why strangers still think this is okay to do is beyond me but, yes, it still happens.

Do these people know the amount of hormones coursing through your veins? Good for you for not punching anyone yet.

6. The “cough or laugh without peeing your pants” badge.

pregnancy milestones

Enough said. Please step forward and collect your badge.

7. “That glucose test” badge.

The glucose test may be the worst thing a pregnant woman has to endure. You deserve a badge for chugging it down and enduring the sugar crash that follows. Keep in mind – this is one of the pregnancy milestones you can skip! There are alternatives to the glucose test that are much healthier, and more palatable.

8. The “complete baby registry” badge.

pregnancy milestones

Staring down aisle after aisle of baby gear is enough to make any pregnant lady run for the hills. This much-coveted merit badge is not dependent on the time it took you to actually complete the task.

9. The “shave your legs/paint your toenails during your third trimester” badge.

pregnancy milestones

Your belly can get big. So big that that if you manage to do any of the above activities you officially become the queen of pregnancy.

10. The “birthed a human” badge.

pregnancy milestones

This milestone unlocks a whole new vest of merit badges.

Do you know of any other uncommon pregnancy milestones that deserve a badge? Let us know in the comments section.


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