Wondering What Baby Is Learning in the Womb?

The way babies grow and develop in the womb is nothing short of miraculous.

Even in the womb, Baby is learning a ton about Mom, Dad, siblings, and the environment. Medical professionals used to think that babies were born into the world with no knowledge of the outside world. With today’s technological marvels, we know so much better than that.

“The main message for new moms is that their babies are listening and learning and remembering during…pregnancy. Their brains do not wait for birth to start absorbing information.” ~WebMD


The uterus is full of sounds from within mom’s body, but Baby hears sounds outside too. You can tell this by Baby’s kicking when loud noises occur. Babies also hear Mom’s voice and can recognize it after birth. Through Mom’s voice, babies can pick up on the rhythm of their mother’s native tongue. Talking to Baby in the womb is their first introduction to language.


Researchers have reported that babies will turn away from bright lights shown on mother’s belly. And, closer to delivery time, ultrasounds have shown babies opening and closing their eyes as if they are practicing for life outside the womb.

Taste Preference

Could mom be feeling sick after eating certain foods because her fetus doesn’t like them? There is evidence that baby can taste different flavors as well.

More and more research will likely reveal many things that we didn’t know about life inside the womb.

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“Some of the most important learning, we ever do, happens before we are born in the womb.”


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