What They Didn’t Tell You in Sex Ed

Getting pregnant is pretty easy, isn’t it? I mean, health class taught us everything we ever needed to know about making babies, right?


According to an online survey administered by Dr. Jessica Illuzzi through the Yale University School of Medicine clinic:

  • More than 60% of women are completely wrong when asked what time of the month is the best to get pregnant.
  • 50% of women do not know that you should start taking folate supplements before conception.
  • More than a third of women truly believe that elevating the pelvis during sex increases the chances of conception; some doctors and fertility specialists even recommend putting a pillow under your hips to increase your chances.

Want to know the real deal about getting pregnant? Read on…

 Fact 1 – You are most fertile before you ovulate.
ovulation calendar, getting pregnant

The peak window of fertility is two days before you ovulate, not after. It’s best if the sperm arrives early and the egg finds the sperm waiting for it. Sperm can be viable inside you for up to 5 days or longer, whereas the egg can only hang out in the fallopian tubes for 12-24 hours.

Fact 2 – Your sense of smell increases when you’re ovulating.

Is your nose in hyper-drive? Have you been smelling all sorts of things all day? Do your husband’s feet smell extra funky today?

Instead of complaining, go roll around in the sack instead…after he’s had a shower, of course.

Fact 3 – More is not better
intimacy, getting pregnant

More sex doesn’t increase the chances of getting pregnant. Actually, frequency causes sperm count to go down decreasing the chances of fertilization taking place.

Fact 4 – Stress hasn’t been proven to inhibit conception.

Doctors say current studies haven’t proven a connection between stress and infertility.

Fact 5 – Watching porn makes sperm more powerful.

sperm and egg, getting pregnant

Seriously, it does. Research has found men produce stronger sperm after viewing heterosexual porn so get a movie.

Women across the world have big gaps of knowledge regardless of their socioeconomic background. While it was simply embarrassing to have the wrong information in high school, myths can screw with your chances of pregnant now.

Which fact are you most surprised to learn? Let us know in the comments section below!



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