10 Simple Pregnancy Fashion Tips

Feeling stylish during pregnancy can be a challenge for some women. Many new moms think looking frumpy or spending thousands on a new maternity wardrobe are their only options.  Here are some simple pregnancy fashion tips that will help you look and feel beautiful throughout your pregnancy. 

Comfort is Priority Number 1

Above all, the number one pregnancy fashion tip is that when you’re pregnant, if you can find clothes that make you feel comfortable, you’ll look beautiful.

High-Waisted Shirts, Dresses & Pants Accentuate the Positives

High-waisted pants, dresses and shirts will be fitted above your growing belly bump and flowy below.  This adds definition to your burgeoning bosom while comfortably defining your baby bump.  

Expand the Waist of Your Favorite Jeans

Enjoy wearing your favorite jeans during pregnancy and avoid buying maternity pants by expanding the waistline.  All you need is a hair-tie.  Loop it through the buttonhole, then put one end of the hair-tie through the other and pull tight.  You’ll now have one big loop that you can hook onto the button of your jeans.  There are also several jean extenders on the market that offer a similar solution.

Belts Add Definition to Your Baby Bump

pregnancy fashion tips woman with belt and dress
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A cute belt can make larger shirts and dresses a bit cuter for pregnancy.  Instead of just draping clothing over your baby bump like a tent, adding a belt helps these comfy pieces accentuate your positives in the same ways high-waisted pieces do when worn above your bump.  You can wear a belt below your belly as well for another stylish and easy option.

Wrap Dresses Are Comfortable and Cute

Wrap dresses are the ultimate pregnancy piece.  They expand with your growing belly, they have a plunging neckline that’s particularly flattering on pregnant women, and they are so, so comfortable.  Wear them with a pair of jeans or leggings on cooler days.

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Slip on Shoes Are the Only Option by the End

Another one of our favorite pregnancy fashion tips is wearing slip on shoes.  There are so many cute boots, clogs, ballet flats, sandals and other styles there’s no reason to try to bend over and tie your shoes while you’re pregnant.

Dress in Layers for That Unexpected Heat Wave

Dressing in layers, a tank, and a cardigan, for example, can be helpful during pregnancy so you can cool off more quickly during those times when you begin to feel overheated from your the bun in your oven.  

Leggings, Leggings, and More Leggings

Leggings work with a dress and blazer, with a large top and a belt, or pretty much any other way you’d like to wear them.  However you wear them, leggings will help you feel comfortable and fabulous throughout your pregnancy.

Fitted + Flowy Make a Great Style Combo During Pregnancy

fitted and flowy pregnancy fashion in the country

Something fitted and something flowy is a combination that’s always in style during pregnancy. Some examples include a tight dress with a loose wrap or a flowy, long top and a pair of leggings.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

As with any outfit, accessorizing your baby bump adds the final touch.  Circle scarves, chunky necklaces, hats, and other accessories that make you feel beautiful all add flair and color while balancing out your pregnancy style.

For many women, pregnancy is a time when they just don’t feel stylish. Use these pregnancy fashion tips to put a few outfits together and before you know it you’ll have met the challenge of staying fashionable while pregnant.


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