10 Smart Tips for Planning the Perfect Nursery!

The Perfect Nursery in both form and function! 

One of the most exciting things about being a new mum (apart from actually becoming a mother) is the excitement and creativity you get to enjoy by styling your baby’s pretty (and practical) nursery! It can be a lot of fun yet at times stressful, but it is something you ultimately have control over, and as you’re soon to be spending so much time in it, it can be an important factor that you want to get right the first go.

Pinterest is of course a great starting place for ideas and inspiration. Carrie, from www.lovelyetc.com says of using Pinterest for ideas:

“I just knew I was going to put all kinds of things in exactly the wrong place and the experienced moms out there were going to be shaking their heads at my naiveté.  Unfortunately, while I found plenty of pretty pictures, I didn’t find a whole lot of practical advice.”

So here are some great and smart tips, to take the stress out of setting up a nursery, and just leaving the good stuff!


Planning the perfect nursery
Source: lovelyetc.com

Storage // get lots!

You’re going to need as much space as possible for these little munchkins!

“Babies are tiny and so are most of their things.  The problem is they have about three million of those tiny little things.  And you are going to need somewhere to keep them.” // lovelyetc.com

The key here is closets. In saying this, a big open closet isn’t the most efficient and practical for a baby. Think of floor to ceiling shelving, drawers, perhaps a bookshelf for toys, anything to maximise the space used!

Source: lovelyetc.com


Drawers and drawer dividers are your friends. The tiny little items such as socks, singlets, beanies etc, will need their own little section to keep things organized, so investing in some dividers is a must.

Ikea Drawer Organizers
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Don’t be afraid to be innovative and recycle

One great idea from lovelyetc.com is to repurpose and recycle a dresser as a cahnge table! Some mothers don’t find a need for change tables but in our house, a change table is where 99.9% of all diaper changes take place. In face, I can’t recall changing our daughter anywhere else when we are home. 

“Just find a dresser that is at a comfortable height for you and add a changing pad to the top.” // lovelyetc.com

Source: lovelyetc.com


This was probably the most obsessed (in a good way) item my wife focussed on and had to get right, and now I see why. A big comfy chair. She spends a heck of a lot of time in her big cosy rocking chair, feeding and nursing, and if you’re going to be spending so much time in it, you’re going to want it to be comfortable!

This is our one from Pottery Barn. When my wife is not around, I sneak in some quality rocking chair time!

Rocking Chair
Source: potterybarn.com

Strong + Stable

Make sure any furniture you use in the nursery is strong, stable, and thus, safe.

We can quickly forget that the little harmless bubba you bring home from the hospital will soon be crawling and running around, and acting out its fantasies of being a bull in a china shop. All within the space of months. Many things you may not think of as dangerous, can be a major hazard.

“If you aren’t sure if your furniture is sturdy enough for nursery detail, just run around the room like a maniac with your eyes closed for a few minutes and then see if anything moved. If it did, it didn’t pass the toddler test and it’s gotta go. // lovelyetc.com

You’ll be a big fan of a ceiling fan. 

Ceiling fans = perfect for a nursery.

A ceiling fan offers a multitude of benefits, the most impactful one being of course it’s help in the reduction of risk of SIDS (being how it helps with air circulation and  flow. Of course, the other benefits include the fact that you’re going to have a far cooler room when you need it, and one many parents wouldn’t think of – babies are obsessed with them! They can stare at these things for hours at a time, with their mesmerizing turn and twirls.

Ceiling Fan in Nursery
Source: unique-baby-gear-ideas.com

If you can, get one with a remote!

Be Secure. Be safe.

Part of decorating a nursery is decorating the walls.

“Just double and triple check that none of that cute stuff is going to come crashing down on your sweet little bambino.  I am a big fan of using Command Strips (the velcro kind) to secure things to the wall.  Use plenty and follow the directions carefully.” // lovelyetc.com

Everything in the nursery needs to withstand some serious knocking around, so just make sure all wall accessories and all furniture that could possibly tip, is battened down so that it will take a grown adult to make it budge.

Be Drape Safe.

Floor length curtains can pose major risks to little bubs crawling around, so while you may not need to seriously worry about it just yet, be prepared for them to go in the not too distant future. They can be climbed on or tangled in, and are very dangerous in that regard.

Reserve space for too big and too small clothes.

Your little one will grow in and out of clothes at breakneck pace. For the first year, your baby will have more wardrobe changes than a Kardashian fashion show.

“So you are going to save yourself a lot of trouble if you already have a designated spot to toss all of the clothes that no longer fit.” // lovelyetc.com

Source: lovelyetc.com

One last laundry tip!

  • Have some stain remover in your nursery to apply to stains before you put them in the hamper. This will save you finding the most stained items when it comes to laundry day, as they’ll already be pre treated.


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