Is Having a Baby Tough Enough to Garner a Luxury Gift?

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian blogged that she would like a Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker as a push present for delivering her second child with rapper Kanye West.

As Kim Kardashian gets ready to deliver her second baby with rapper Kanye West, she published a blog “hinting” about a push present.

“Do you guys believe in a push present?” she writes. “I never did, but all of my friends do!!!”

One of Kardashian’s friends received a diamond ring and another a car for carrying and birthing a baby. Kardashian herself wants a Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker, costing in the neighborhood of $1 million. To the average American, that’s a tad over the top. But what about push presents in general?

Earlier this year, TODAY Contributor Christine Coppa published an article citing that – of 8,000 parents surveyed – 45-percent were opposed to the idea. Still, push presents are becoming more popular in the United States.

Sentimental Gifts

LovePrint Jewelry

Sentimental gifts are a popular choice when it comes to push presents. Items such as lockets, Pandora charms, and jewelry with baby’s initials are a nice way to commemorate the birth of your baby while getting a “reward” for all of your hard labor, pun intended.

Candice Laurita, a mom of two interviewed for Coppa’s article, asked for a designer diaper bag and diamond rings as gifts after having her daughter and son, respectively. She wears the rings stacked on the same finger as her engagement ring and wedding band because they “lead to her heart.”

“The rings symbolize my children,” she said. “I deserved my push presents. I gave my husband the best gifts.”

Other jewelry designers have created items with baby’s fingerprint engraved on it. Camille Cesari’s Loveprint and Colleen Berg’s Heart 2 Necklace are two options.

The Gift of Relaxation

Who doesn’t deserve a little pampering after all of that hard work put into creating a new life? Spa and beauty packages are popular choices for push presents, helping rejuvenate a new mother not feeling her best.

According to, some spas actually offer postbaby treatments “like tummy-toning massages and pedicures that help reduce swelling.”

Moms gladly put in a lot of work during pregnancy, as the body stretches and changes, but feeling unattractive right after delivering a baby is common. Beauty packages — gift cards to Sephora or a salon — are a great way to help mom feel like her old self again.

Luxury Gifts

Then there are the luxury gifts. Janine Marie Carbone asked for a vehicle with more space than the Honda Civic she was currently driving. Two months before having her daughter, her husband went out to “price” a Ford Explorer.

“I didn’t think that he was really going to buy one that day — but he did!” she told TODAY.

Luxury gifts can also come in the form of iPads, cell phones, cameras, and computers.

Just the Baby

As Coppa cited, nearly half of the women surveyed for her article were not fans of push presents.

“I hate-hate-hate the term push present,” Ashley Hughes said. “I’m already bringing home a wonderful gift that I worked nine months to create. It feels so wrong to put that expectation out there. The baby is the one thing I want, most in the world.”

One alternative is to get something for both parents – a vacation, new vehicle, or something sentimental to signify the birth.

“We’re not saying you two should plan a vacation for a week after baby’s born — but down the road, it’s important for you two to celebrate with some parents only time,” says “Booking now will give you both something to look forward to!”

As much fun as a Caribbean getaway would be for new parents, the likelihood of not wanting the leave the little one after he or she is born is pretty high. Perhaps you should book something a little closer to home.


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