5 Baby Essentials You Need

You’re pregnant. Congratulations! Whether it’s your first or your first in awhile (which could be defined as any length of time, really), you’re preparing for that new bundle of joy by purchasing baby essentials.

If it’s your first baby, you are gearing up for that run through the store with your registry gun, zapping every conceivable item (no pun intended) you can. If it’s your second baby or beyond, you are trying to focus long enough to remember what it is you need to buy so your baby doesn’t end up naked and without a place to sleep once you return home from the hospital.

Regardless of which category you fall into, here is a list of five things you may forget you need for baby as you navigate through the chaos that is preparing for a new member of the family!

1. Breastfeeding essentials

Whether it’s your first or subsequent baby, these are products that tend to fall by the wayside for one or two reasons: either you are a new mom who hasn’t been told what to get because the subject is uncomfortable for you or others to bring up, or you have breastfed a baby before, but have forgotten about the horrible nipple pain that accompanies early breastfeeding and are therefore repressing the memory.

Hydrogel Pads
Hydrogel pads

Either way, make sure you buy:

  • A good lanolin cream
  • Hydrogel pads for nipple pain
  • Breast Milk storage bags
  • Microwave sterilization bags (these are a lifesaver)
  • Pump (check to see if it is covered by Rx through insurance)
  • Pump parts

2. Hat, undershirt, socks

If this is your first baby, you will probably receive approximately 231 new hats, undershirts, and socks from friends and family, so go ahead and skip to the next item. If this is a subsequent baby, these may be the most important items on the list. Nothing like forgetting to purchase socks when you are getting ready to leave the hospital in 20-degree weather.

You know who you are.

Car Seat Cover
Make sure the car seat cover doesn’t wrap between your baby’s body and the seat itself.

3. Carseat cover

As the weather gets cooler, this is the best item to put over your infant’s car seat. Since it is dangerous to dress your baby in anything bulky, the car seat cover will keep your baby warm and safe. The key is making sure it doesn’t wrap between your baby’s body and the seat itself.

4. Vitamin D drops

If you are planning to breastfeed your baby, you must give him or her Vitamin D drops to supplement the fact that breast milk does not provide enough. If you are formula feeding your baby, make sure you get a Vitamin D fortified version that provides at least 400 IU daily.

5. Battery-operated nasal aspirator

There are a number of gadgets out there that claim to work that don’t, but the battery-operated nasal aspirator is one to invest in. It’s relatively inexpensive and comes with teeny tiny attachments to fit in your little baby’s nostrils … and the bonus is that you don’t have to worry about perfecting your sucking techniques with the manual ones.

Whether you are gearing up to be a first-time mom or reacquainting yourself with having a newborn at home, these are some of the items that are easy to forget about. So print them off, write them down, and send someone else to the store to get them for you!

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