5 Big-Ticket Baby Items – Buy Now or Wait?

As you prepare for the arrival of your baby, you may be wondering which big-ticket baby items you need and which can wait. This varies by preference, but can be difficult to gauge when it’s your first baby because you’ve never experienced the day-to-day caring of a baby.


This is an item you will want to have prior to your baby’s birth and you may even want more than one.

  • Travel System: There are strollers that come along with car seats that make up travel systems and allow you to take your baby’s car seat from the car and attach it directly into the stroller. This is a huge convenience considering all the parent of a baby has to carry!
  • Jogging Stroller: Another option is a jogging stroller. When your baby is a newborn, it is not recommended that you jog or run with him or her, because the neck is still underdeveloped. You can still walk with your baby in it, however, which may be your preference because these strollers are so great on grass.
  • Umbrella Stroller: This is also a stroller you won’t use until your baby is older, so you may not feel the need to get one prior to your baby being born. If you have a baby registry you need to fill up, though, getting a nice umbrella stroller is a great option.

Car Seat

car seatThere are so many car seat options for your baby, including detachable infant seats and convertible car seats with an infant insert. Getting a convertible car seat from the get-go would save you money in the long run, but would leave you having to strap your baby into and out of the car seat every time you got in or out of the car.

It is much easier to have a car seat base in your car and just clip the car seat into it each time you go anywhere. That is also a better option when you have more than one car. Instead of purchasing multiple car seats, you can purchase one seat and multiple bases.
booster seat

High Chair

This is an item you aren’t going to need until your baby is between 4–6 months old, so rushing out to go get one when you’re pregnant isn’t a huge necessity. Especially if you don’t have a lot of space in your home, you may want to wait on the high chair.

For those looking to save space, other high chair options include the seats that strap onto your dining room chairs or the ones that clip onto the side of your table.


Getting a swing is a roll of the dice because you won’t know if your baby loves it or hates it until your baby actually arrives. Some kids can’t get enough of a baby swing while others detest it. It’s just something you’ll have to determine once baby can try it out.

There are a number of different swing options now, including the standard swing, the ones that rock side-to-side instead of forward and back, and the ones that look like some sort of space equipment. Each provides its own benefits for saving space and soothing baby.

Play Equipment

Your baby won’t be noticing much of anything until he or she is at least a month old, so rushing out to get play equipment isn’t a necessity. The first piece of play equipment you can use, though, is a floor gym. Baby lays on top of it and the toys dangle above. It’s a good way for baby to learn how to interact.

Once baby has some spine and neck control, exersaucers and jumperoos are great ways to entertain your baby. These are great for kids who can’t sit up yet, because they have the novelty of seeing toys the way they will once they can sit up and play.


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