Pregnancy Products that make Life easier

Pregnancy can be a joyous time as you anxiously await your little one’s arrival.

It can also be challenging as your body goes through drastic physical and hormonal changes. The best pregnancy products are those that can help make the journey a little bit easier.

1. Belly Support Band

The belly band is an easy way to keep that big belly supported so you do not have so much strain on your back. Keeping your belly supported makes life easier as you will put less pressure on your pelvis and hips. The is a best-seller for its comfort and breathability.

2. Pregnancy Pillow

You have your belly and back supported during the day with your maternity band, now it’s time to support your body at night. It can be extremely challenging to get comfortable enough to sleep while pregnant. A can help you align and get cozy.

Take a look at our list of the best body pillows for pregnancy.

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Recommended Pregnancy Pillows

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3. Belly Butter

You will need something to rub on that expanding belly to keep your skin healthy and supple while reducing the chance of stretch marks. We searched Amazon for these kind of pregnancy products and the seems to be a fave!

Recommended Belly Butter

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4. Comfortable Shoes

Hopefully you are getting to stay off your feet a bit more. When you need to be out and about, are a must! They will support your whole body, including that extra weight from the baby. Find a pair with plenty of cushion and great soles. Bonus points if you find ones that slip on or don’t have to be tied. The easier the better as bending over can become challenging.

Recommended Shoes for Your Pregnancy

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5. Morning Sickness Relief

You may want to collect an arsenal of several different products to help ease morning sickness. One option is , which have essential oils and plant botanicals to ease an upset tummy.

6. Antacid

On top of something for morning sickness, you may need something for heartburn and reflux as well. You have a little human being pressing on your organs and it can cause some uncomfortable side effects. Pregnant moms often keep on hand for quick relief.

How early can you have morning sickness? Read our article to find out more.


You are going to be spending a lot of time waiting at the doctor’s office and likely more time in bed and on the couch. A Kindle Fire will allow you to read those pregnancy and parenting books plus browse the web. They make a great pregnancy companion.

Have any favorite pregnancy products not mentioned? Leave it in the comments!

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