7 ways to make a small nursery seem bigger

Cramming too much into a small space will create a claustrophobic environment that may be stressful to use. Use the tips below to make the most of a small nursery

#1 Think tall

Make use of height. Slim one door wardrobes that have shelves all the way up to the top are great additions to a small space. Secure them to ensure they don’t fall over.  Baby clothes are tiny, so you can hang an extra hanging rail in the wardrobe to accommodate more clothes.

#2  Multi functional furniture

Storage benches can double up as a seat or toy chest.

If you have no room for a changing unit but don’t mind changing your baby standing up, buy an over-cot changer. This is a table that fits over the bars of your baby crib .

#3 Use wall space

Wall mounted changing units that fold up against the wall are great space savers.


Install shelves and leave enough space for baskets in between them.  A tall bookcase can be used to store toys and bedding.

Over door hangers and hooks can be used to hang your baby’s nappy bags and washing

#4 Folding furniture

When not in use, fold away the furniture and you have instant space.

#5 Extra storage

Storage bags that can be vacuum packed are great for storing beddings and clothes. These bags are airtight and flatten items allowing them to take up minimal space without being damaged.

#6 The illusion of space

Corner cupboards, changing tables and shelving can be used to fill up a bare corner.


Certain wall colors also make a room feel bigger or smaller.  Soft pastel colors create a spacious feel while a mirror added opposite a window adds light to a room.

#7 Other options

If you simply don’t have the extra room for a nursery in your house, changing tables can be placed in the bathroom, better yet, use a changing mat which allows you to change your baby wherever you can find the room and can also be stored away easily.

Place a rocking chair in the living room which can be your dedicated breastfeeding chair.


Do you have a small nursery? How did you decorate?


First published at babycentre.co.uk

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