A Great Tool for Baby Congestion

Having to deal with a baby with a cold is no fun. The worst part is their super stuffy nose that keeps them from nursing or having a bottle comfortably. The more hungry and uncomfortable they become, the grumpier they get.

If you’re looking for help, we found the BoogieBulb is specially designed to help your little one feel better in a quick and efficient way.

How the BoogieBulb works

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The BoogieBulb is a hospital-quality nasal aspirator. It’s used like other nasal aspirators to remove mucus when your baby or toddler has a stuffy nose. If your baby is heavily congested, they may need a few saline drops in their nose to help loosen the congestion and make it easier to remove.

When you want to use the BoogieBulb, you squeeze it with your thumb, insert it into your child’s nose, and then release for it to suction. It is a simple process and there are step by step instructions and pictures at babynasalaspirator.com

What Features Make the BoogieBulb Special?

Baby, Parenting, Pregnancy

The BoogieBulb is medical grade quality, it has vacuum-suction power and has a narrow tip with ridging for effective use.

It comes in sizes one, two, and three ounces so you have various options. All of the types available are very easy to use and this easy to clean version makes everything more convenient.

The best feature of this particular product is the fact that it can be taken apart and cleaned. Unlike other bulbs, you don’t have to worry about infection from old bacteria sitting in your bulb. You simply separate the bulb, boil it in a cleaning solution, and then let it air dry. At the end of the cleaning process, you will have a like-new sterilized product.

Our thoughts on the BoogieBulb

We love the design of the BoogieBulb because it’s simple and convenient. The cleanable design is great. The simplicity of cleaning helps you to worry less about spreading sickness or germs with a used nasal aspirator bulb. Its tip fits easily into most any baby’s nose so you shouldn’t worry about it not fitting or being uncomfortable for them.

Overall, this bulb is a great addition to the things you want to have on hand for when your child gets sick. It helps resolve one of the most common issues in colds.

What we didn’t like

We found that we could feel air escaping from the area where the two parts came together when we used the BoogieBulb baby nasal aspirator.

We also found that sometimes the BoogieBulb had to be held a certain way or the suction would not be as strong and wouldn’t get all of the mucus out of the baby’s nose.

Generally though, this bulb is a huge help and is a very useful tool to have around. It gets the job done and is reliable. You may find that it is your new all-time favorite tool for taking care of your infant’s mucus.

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