BabyDoppler Serenity Breast Pump Review

Whether you’re pregnant or already have a new little one in your household, you may have already decided you need a breast pump. It’s hard choosing a new product without knowing a little bit about it first.

A great pump that is worth considering is The BabyDoppler Serenity Breast Pump. It may very well end up being just what you’re looking for. This is what we found out about this nifty little pump when we set it up and tested it.

What It Includes

It comes with everything you’ll need to pump easily and effectively; you don’t have to buy anything else. The following items are all included with the purchase of the breast pump.

  • Two breast shields that measure twenty-seven millimeters by twenty-four millimeters
  • One breast shield connector
  • One bottle that holds five ounces and a bottle stand
  • Two bottle lids, one with a nipple and one for storage
  • One valve with tubing
  • One motor unit
  • Two membranes
  • One power adapter

How It Works

Once you receive the breast pump and remove it from its package, it’s pretty easy to set up. When you start it up it will begin in stimulation mode. Once your milk comes down and starts to be expressed, you will need to press the mode button to switch to expression mode.

There are ten different levels of strength for both stimulation and expression mode. After a few uses, you’ll find which strength suits you the best. There are plus and minus buttons on the motor unit to adjust levels during pumping. At the highest level, the suction is at its strongest and each suction cycle is a bit longer and further apart. As you reduce the number, the cycles are faster, and the suction is weaker. This allows you to choose the level that is most comfortable and effective.

Once you have filled the bottle and are done pumping, you simply turn the machine off and either store the milk or put the nipple on the bottle and feed your baby.

This pump is easy to use and manage.Baby Doppler Serenity Breast Pump

What We Like About the BabyDoppler Serenity Breast Pump


With so many other baby expenses, it’s nice to have an option out there that gives you quality along with affordability. The Serenity Breast pump has a low cost that makes it a much more accessible product.

High Quality Features not offered by other brands

This breast pump has a backlit LCD screen which even the leading brands don’t have except on their premium models. This screen uses symbols to show you exactly which of the 10 step suction modes you have chosen.

There is also a memory feature to store the last setting you used so you don’t have to struggle to remember every time which setting worked best for you.

Good for on-the-go

This breast pump is compact and lightweight. Because of how simple it is to put together, take apart, and clean, it’s ideal for taking with you on-the-go. It also has the option of using four double A batteries instead of a power adapter should you be away from electricity. 

Qualifies for insurance coverage

Depending on the law in your state and the policies, you may be able to have this breast pump covered by your insurance plan. Each plan is different and works with different suppliers. Make sure to ask your healthcare provider or doctor about the possibilities of sending a form to find out if you qualify to get this pump covered by insurance. One of the questions you may consider is:

Does medical necessity need to be determined in order for your insurance company to cover a pump?

If you are in one of the following situations your pump may be considered necessary.

  • You gave birth to twins or triplets
  • Your baby is sick or premature
  • Your baby is unable to nurse correctly
  • Your baby can’t tolerate formula
  • Your nipples are retracted
  • You have a medical problem that prevents you from breastfeeding
  • You have to work away from home
  • You will be away from the baby because of a necessity

Very Comfortable

The materials used to make this breast pump were used with comfort in mind. Many moms who have bought and used this pump attest to the comfortable fit for pumping. Previous customers have also written that it isn’t painful in the least compared to many other breast milk pumps.

Not too loud when pumping

On the highest setting, this pump makes minimal noise. You don’t have to worry about it being a huge disturbance to others in your household or if you need to pump discreetly.

Safety – FDA Approved

This pump has been cleared by the FDA and meets all safety standards.


Owning a breast pump can be a huge help for a busy mother who would like to share baby feeding time with other members of the family and a relief for those of you who want a way to store extra breast milk for your baby.

The BabyDoppler breast pump has many features that make it superior to the competition. It is simple to use and to clean and despite its low cost, it has features that are usually only offered by premium models at a much higher price.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve had any experience with this breast pump and what your favorite thing about it is.


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