First-Time Mom Registry Must Haves: Remember These!

first time mom crossing off registry must haves

Do not begin building your registry as a first time mom without these!

Being a mom can be overwhelming, especially if it is your first time. Taking the scanner and registering for your new baby can be stressful, confusing, and full of unnecessary items. There are plenty of things you assume or are told by the internet that you need that you don’t actually need, just as there are plenty of items you won’t even think to register for but they are complete must haves. Go no further, my momma-friend! We have created a list just for you so you do not forget to register for these must-haves.

First, let’s talk about the items that receive a lot of attention and end up not being used or as necessary as they were sold to be. That way, you can avoid registering for them and your dear friends and family can spend their money on items that you really do need and must have!

3 Unnecessary Baby Registry Items

1. Wipe warmer – you will see that wipe warmer sitting on the Target (or wherever you register) shelf and think, “Now that, we need that.” Ads and commercials will tell you it is the best next thing. But really and honestly, when it comes down to it: the wipe warmer always gets forgotten. It is one of the most common items that is purchased and becomes unnecessary and unused. Skip it, momma. You don’t need the wipe warmer.

2. Infant shoes – though cute, these are completely unnecessary and even awkward at times. Your little infant’s feet and ankles are so small, so floppy, and so not needing shoes. Socks are plenty and when you attempt to stick a thick-socked infant foot in a shoe…there will be lots of screaming from unnecessary pain. Your baby isn’t walking. He doesn’t need shoes. I promise. And like the wipe warmer, register for things you will need and your family members will shower you with amazing must haves!

3. Toys – your baby will not be needing an overwhelming amount of toys for his or her first few months of life. Maybe a rattle by month 2, but really there is no need to be registering for toys.

There are most definitely some items you will be needing to remember as you register for your baby, as a first-time mom. The exciting part about registering is thinking of all of the people who will come to your shower to celebrate this little life growing inside, by bringing you gifts that you absolutely will need!

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10 First-Time Mom Registry Must Haves

1. Moby/Boba wrap (or desired infant carrier) – this will be your best friend. If you have not even thought about having a wrap, now is the time to seriously consider it. Take it from nearly every mom who has a wrap: you will not regret it. Wraps hold baby close, tight and secure, reminding them of the womb. They can hear your heart beat, smell you, and are usually rocked right to sleep as you go about your day doing chores and store-runs. Did I mention hands-free?

2. Diapers – register for both newborn and size 1 diapers (the next size up). Most babies are in newborn diapers for a week or two, if at all, so registering for the next size is a must because they will carry you through for a bit longer. You may be going the cloth route; register for those! They get spendy.

3. Wipes – you can never have too many wipes. You might feel lame registering for wipes and diapers, even opening them at your shower may feel boring. But trust ne, momma! These are items you want as much as people will gift you! The monthly budget can get steep.

4. White noise or soother sound machine – they do in fact have an app for that, BUT you will want a machine that you can leave in the nursery. Your newborn will most likely be in your room for the first few weeks or months, but eventually will be in his own crib and will still be soothed to sleep by a very loud white noise or soother sound machine. These work like magic! Crank the volume!

5. Swaddles – the muslin swaddles are the most recommended swaddles; their fabric is stretchy and breathable making it possible to wrap them up tight without wrapping too tight. Babies love being swaddled up tight and cozy, it mimics the womb. Having multiple is important because babies are really good at spitting up, peeing, and pooping on everything.

6. Baby bath products + moisturizer – a little bath seat, infant wash cloths, towels, baby wash & moisturizer. All things you will need! Read this article, LOVE THAT BABY SKIN! TOP 5 BEST BABY LOTIONS & MOISTURIZERS.

7. Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter – if you’re breastfeeding, you need this. We promise. No questions asked.

8. Earth Mama Angel Baby Diaper Cream – this specific brand of diaper ointment works wonders, especially for babies with sensitive skin! You will not regret using it.

9. Gripe water – gripe water is often overlooked and yet one of the most helpful baby items! Your baby may have gas or a tummy ache and gripe water is a perfect solution created just for your baby.

10. Diaper bag – is there enough said? A diaper bag is an absolute must have. If you do not have a diaper bag, you will be juggling all sorts of items or simply be out of important and necessary things when out and about. Diaper bags are necessary; it explains itself.

As a first time mama, you are doing great by looking into these things! Don’t forget to register for these must have baby items, and you are sure to kick off your new stage of life with greatness.


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