The GroovyQueen Maternity Belt – A Real Mom Review

Hello, expectant moms! How’s pregnancy? Exciting? Overwhelming? Stressful? Easy? It can be a bit of a roller coaster, can’t it?

Among the many things you’ve got on your to-do list – between the breastfeeding classes and deciding if you want a midwife or an OB – we just want to remind you of one thing:

Take care of yourself, Momma!

And it’s not just about eating right, exercising, and relaxing. It’s also about making things easier on yourself when and if you can. Working a little less, if possible. Being less busy so you can rest more. And supporting your changing body in every way you can, including investing in a pregnancy pillow and a maternity belt!

– A Real Mom Review

GroovyQueen Maternity Belt

Our staff was recently gifted a Maternity Support Belt to review. While the product was a gift, the review is honest, and the opinions are those of an expectant mom friend who agreed to test out the belt for a week.

Below is our interview with “Mom,” an expectant mother we know with one toddler who’s almost seven months pregnant.

BP: So what did you think of the belt at first?

Mom: Well, I have another belt I’ve been using that seemed a little bit prettier and slightly more flexible, but the sturdiness of this one actually makes for excellent support. This one feels better and is more comfortable than my other one.

BP: Tell us about the support. Because that’s the most important thing, right? That’s the point of the belt!

Mom: True! And, as I said, the support was better with this one. First, it’s already shaped/molded like a belly, so it fits really nice. It just hugs and supports your belly perfectly. It’s almost like it cradles your belly, so your bulge just sinks in and settles and feels really good.

Second, there’s so much velcro on the straps that it really stays. The fit is firm and solid, and there’s enough elastic to stretch it as much as you need to. You can tell it’s made to fit for a long time, all through pregnancy, no matter how big you get.

GroovyQueen Maternity Belt Example

BP: Is there anything you didn’t like about it?

It’s not that I didn’t like it, but I would point out that I found it uncomfortable when I was wearing it and sitting for a long time. When I was home and out and about and moving, it was perfect! But when I wore it to work and was sitting for a while with it on it started cutting into me a little bit. That’s sort of the bad side of it being so sturdy, but I feel like I needed it less when I was sitting than when I was standing and running around with my toddler all day.

But I figure I don’t need it as much while sitting because I don’t feel the weight of my belly as much when I’m sitting. It’s really when I’m walking, running around, and squatting down/bending over (when I can!) a lot that my belly feels so cumbersome – and that’s when the belt really helped.

BP: Anything else you’d like to share?

Yes! It was surprisingly breathable! The other one I had made me sweaty wherever it touched my body, but this one took a while to do that even on especially warm days. And my lower back never really got sweaty, which was great. It definitely got warm, but not icky.

GroovyQueen Maternity Belt Example

BP: So would you recommend this belt to other expectant moms?

Definitely! But specifically for the moms who are on their feet a lot of the day. As I said, if you’re sitting a lot, this may not be the most comfortable one for you. I’m a nurse, and I’m on my feet A LOT, and this belt is great! Thank you so much!

BP: Thank YOU for trying it out and sharing your thoughts with us!

If you’re in the market for a maternity belt, you should give this one a try, especially since they offer a 100% money back guarantee. It’s nice to try things before you buy them – but a 100% money back guarantee is the second best thing, right?

Take care of that belly, that body, and that baby of yours, Momma!

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