How to Use a Nursing Pillow

Whether you’re a breastfeeding mom or a bottle-feeding mom, let us guide you on how to use a nursing pillow.

Talk to any mom and they will tell you that breastfeeding doesn’t always come easy.  Think of this scenario: a new mom has to contend with back pain and tired arms and struggles to get to a comfortable position while baby wails to get the right milk flow. Not fun, right? Who knew that a simple solution such as a nursing pillow could make transform the experience into a pleasant one for both mother and child?

How to Use a Nursing Pillow when Breastfeeding

If you are breastfeeding, how to use a nursing pillow depends on your breastfeeding position. Choose one that is most comfortable for you and your baby. The most common position is the sitting position. As you sit, put the nursing pillow on your lap. Carefully place your baby on the nursing pillow and position him on his side in such a way that his tummy is facing you. This is to make swallowing easy for him as well as to avoid spitting up. Make sure that you are supporting his head with your arm.

how to use a nursing pillow when breastfeeding
How to Use a Nursing Pillow when Bottle-feeding

Are you bottle-feeding instead? No problem. You can still use a nursing pillow. In fact – you don’t have to do all the job, Mommy. You can enlist the support of your partner or co-caregiver to get you through some feeding sessions so you can carve out some precious me-time. The only important thing to remember when bottle feeding is that your baby should be inclined (almost sitting). His head should be elevated to prevent choking or gagging and to provide ease in breathing. Remember that their airways are still small at this point.

dad using a nursing pillow on baby

So you see, a nursing pillow is a must-have. It acts as a safety net for your child while also giving you support as it takes some of the baby’s weight off you.

The good thing about the nursing pillow is that it’s not simply for nursing per se.  Here are other ways to use a nursing pillow:

  • If you’re one of those excited moms who bought a lot of stuff before the baby actually came out (which mom isn’t?), you can use it while sleeping during pregnancy for additional back support.
  • It also supports baby during tummy time. Make sure they’re supervised, especially if baby cannot support his head yet.
  • Helps a child sit up (starting on his 4th month).

Now that you know how to use a nursing pillow, here’s what to look for when buying one:

  1. Easy to clean as babies tend to spit a lot. Think removable covers and washable foam inserts.
  2. Adjustable to different stages.
  3. Ergonomic for good lumbar support and proper baby positioning.
  4. Economical as you won’t use it for long. Your baby will be done with breasts and bottles before you know it!

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