The Best Pregnancy Gift – A Pregnancy Subscription Box

Soon to be moms are sure to love all of the surprises that come with a pregnancy subscription box.

With all of the excitement that having a new baby brings, moms often neglect to care for themselves. Finding safe items geared towards pregnant women tend to be a task in general. What better than a fun box of pregnancy-related products delivered to the door?

Pregnancy Subscription Boxes

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to subscription boxes for pregnant moms. There are boxes provided for each trimester, month, and for mom and baby.

With the various new products, this is an excellent way to try ones that you would typically not purchase. Here are a few of the services to check out.


Bump Box

Bump Box

This is a great option for moms. One could pick from four different subscription options. They offer a box every month, for three months, for six months, and one for the full nine months. This company also offers trimester boxes.

All of the items are tailored for the pregnant mother and are healthy hand picked items. Either way, don’t forget to check out the fourth-trimester box!


21 Bundles

21 Bundles box

This pregnancy subscription box is an excellent way to get pregnancy and baby safe products. They deliver everything from cleaning supplies to treats for mom. This is a month to month plan that will send you four to seven full sized products each time you order.

They create a package based on the stage of pregnancy and then ship it in an eco-friendly box. The products are chemical free and full sized!


Bump Box

That Glow box

That Glow is a box just for mommy! Expecting a new family member is a beautiful and exciting time. This pregnancy box allows a mom to focus on herself. No diapers or baby stuff here.

This is an excellent way to help remind women that they are more than just moms and deserve to pamper themselves during this adventure. What all one must do is choose a gift box and check out. While this is not a typical subscription service as it is not automatically shipped, it is a great option and is broken down into first, second, and third trimester boxes.

Update: Unfortunately they are no longer servicing moms-to-be | 5/22″2017


Bump Box

Ecocentric Mom mystery box

Advertising pure, healthy and useful items this may be a go-to box for new moms! This is a fun option that one may want to keep the subscription to even after Baby is born. Each month Mom will get five to nine full sized products as well as samples.

This company offers a pregnancy box, a mom and baby box, and a mom box. Each shipment will contain a beauty, bath, and a snack. The pregnancy subscription includes a pregnancy care item and a baby prep item as well.

The mom and baby box will include baby gear/toy and a baby care product. The mom box subscription will have health item and a home product too. There is something for almost everyone with this company.


Bun in The Box

Bun in the Box

Want mommy pampering products and pregnancy essentials delivered to your home monthly? Then this is a good place to start! The boxes are customized to each stage of pregnancy.

For those moms who like to pamper themselves, they offer a monthly box as well as a one-time order. If the expecting mom falls in love with a particular product, then they can reorder the product from the shopping section!


The products that are offered for pregnancy are aplenty. Most new and seasoned mothers sometimes need help finding what products work for them. This is an excellent way to try different pregnancy related things. For moms that want to take the all natural approach, this is an awesome way to try products that one may not have convenient access.

There is also a big positive in the fact that the subscription boxes are delivered. Sometimes, as a pregnant woman, it is hard to get out even to grab the simplest of groceries let alone products tailored to pregnancy!

There is also something pleasant about seeing that package on the doorstep and knowing that you have fun surprises waiting to be opened and explored. From snacks to belly cream it is hard not to get excited! Most of the boxes automatically end the subscription after Baby’s due date which makes life easy for mom!


Many of the companies also tailor boxes for Mom and Baby. This is a great option because if the mother likes the products and would like to continue her subscription, then she can.

My Subscription Addiction

There are plenty of choices like, Box Me Mommy, that offer monthly mom and baby boxes. Most include a few products for both Mom and Baby. It is a great way for parents to try many different and unique items.

A maternity subscription box is a fun way to celebrate pregnancy. In a day in age where it seems like there is a subscription box for almost every type of person, it is nice to know they have plenty tailored to the pregnant mom. Pregnancy is a busy time in a woman’s life, and it is nice to be pampered.

All too often moms forget to slow down and enjoy this wonderful life event. With the unique products that each box delivers it will be hard for the mommy to be not to enjoy herself.

She may even find a new favorite! Who does not love to get a surprise in the mail? Mom and baby subscription boxes are helpful for moms when discovering products that they usually would not purchase for themselves.

If you are or know someone who is pregnant, this would be a great gift! One should think about giving a pregnancy subscription box a chance because there is something out there for everyone!


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