Top Pregnancy Products for 2016!

Today, we’re rounding up some posts to present you with the top pregnancy and baby products of 2016.

We’re just getting started into this year, but there are already so many products to help you on your pregnancy journey! Let’s dive in…

Top Baby and Pregnancy Products for 2016, Pregnant Chicken

From a silicone eating mat to a small packing stroller (fabulous!) this list is sure to have you rocking your pregnancy and beyond into parenthood!

pregnancy products

Best pregnancy products and services 2016, Parents World

The Oriental Maternity Spa

From the ultimate breast pump to a certain kind of massage, this list has not only products but the best in services for pregnant mothers!

What better way is there of relieving stress than a soothing massage designed to ease away those cares?

Huang Ah Ma anyone?

Moms-to-be can receive a well-deserved break and reduce stress with this special massage.

Also on Parents’ list…breastfeeding consultations!

20 Top Pregnancy Essentials, UrbanMommies

This list starts with something super simple at number 1! Can you guess what it is? Tennis Balls! Yep, that’s right!

When you’re further along, have your hubby or significant other roll one around on your lower back with his hand using firm pressure; it’s amazing.

This post is fabulous! It has everything you will need from foot support to a good prenatal multi-vitamin!

pregnancy products

And, if organic is more your speed…

10 Best Organic Beauty Products for Pregnancy, Eluxe Magazine 

From boob cream to shampoo and face wash, this list will help you give yourself that natural, chemical-free care while you are pregnant. Eluxe even lists non-toxic nail polish in this post!

pregnancy products
Eluxe Magazine

Have a favorite product to share with expectant parents in 2016? Let’s hear about it in the comments! 


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