When You Need a Pregnant Bride Wedding Cake Topper

While it’s not usually what every little girl dreams of when she thinks of her wedding day, getting married pregnant is more common than you might think.

In the past, getting married to avoid a child born out of wedlock was important to many families. So much so that it was even given its own name: a “shotgun wedding.” Imagine a pregnant woman’s angry father forcing the couple to marry due to the unexpected pregnancy and you get the idea.

This is much less true today. That’s not to say women aren’t concerned about walking down the aisle sporting a baby bump, but it’s usually for reasons other than offending someone with their “condition.”

Luckily, in addition to the increased acceptance of pregnant brides, there are also many more resources available today for planning a wedding while pregnant than there ever were before. From beautiful invitations to dresses, and even pregnant bride wedding cake toppers, you can find everything you need to throw an amazing celebration of your love and your new family no matter how far along in your pregnancy you’ll be on the big day.

The Best Wedding Dresses for Pregnant Brides
wedding dresses for bridal shower gift ideas for pregnant bride

Choosing a wedding dress for your changing pregnant figure can be challenging. A loose, lightweight, empire waist gown is usually your best bet. This style can easily grow with your baby bump and it will help you keep cool and comfortable throughout the event.

That said, some women enjoy a more fitted look to really accentuate their bump. The most important thing for you to remember is to find a wedding dress that makes you feel like the beautiful bride you are. Then you can be sure you’ll look your best on the big day.

The Right Shoes Are a Must-Have

Most pregnant brides will tell you that finding the right pair of shoes is a must. Even if you were great on heels before your pregnancy, you may find your balance a bit wobbly as your belly gets bigger. A pair of cute ballet flats or sandals is a better choice for the pregnant bride.

If you really must have heels on your wedding day go as low as possible. Also, bring a backup pair of something a little easier to walk in just in case. You’ll be surprised how tired your feet are at the end of the evening!

A Pregnant Bride Wedding Cake Topper Can Keep Things Fun
Groom kissing brides stomach pregnant bride wedding cake topper
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A pregnant bride   can be a great way to poke fun at your situation. While more acceptable today, it certainly isn’t traditional to get married while expecting a baby. Choosing a few funny decorations like this and make some cute hints during the reception to help you have more fun. It’ll have the bonus effect of putting everyone else at ease as well.

If you’re celebrating your wedding day and a pregnancy at the same time you may also choose a cake topper that doesn’t incorporate figurines. “Mr. & Mrs.” or “Just Married” signs work well for expectant wedding couples who aren’t interested in the pregnant bride wedding cake topper option.

Most Importantly, Take it Easy

However, you choose to celebrate your wedding day, try to take it as easy as possible. Becoming Bridezilla means your baby could be impacted by your stress and lack of self-care. Relax, enlist the help of others, and simply enjoy your special day.

The same holds true whether you’re a pregnant bride or not. As long as you find ways to celebrate that work for you and your partner, you’re sure to have an amazing wedding…even if you do need a pregnant bride cake topper.


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