Will the New Bluetooth Pregnancy Test Really Offer Positive Results?

When you take a pregnancy test, whether you’re hoping for a positive or negative result, you want to know if you’re pregnant as early as possible.  You want the test to be reliable.  But, do you want it to feature Bluetooth technology?  The pregnancy test brand First Response is hoping you do.

According to this article in the Wall Street Journal the company debuted their Bluetooth pregnancy test at the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.  One of a handful of connected health and personal care devices to make their first appearance at the annual technology trade show, the new pregnancy test is described as –

“… the first-ever connected pregnancy test, and it works just like any other, except you’ll want your smartphone close by—OK, not too close. Download First Response’s iOS or Android app, then connect the stick via Bluetooth. You’ll be walked through the pregnancy test process. It tells you when your sample has been recognized, and entertains you during the three-minute waiting period (because before life-changing news, nothing can calm you like a cat video).

When time’s up, your smartphone will give you the good…or bad…news. When you launch the app, you tell it if you’re hoping to be pregnant or not. Based on your input, it will feed you information on next steps when you get the result. If the results are positive, it will suggest that you see a doctor.”

Is a connected pregnancy test really necessary ?

Although there are some distinct advantages to a connected pregnancy test is it really necessary?  And how much does this new technology cost?  According to the article’s author Joanna Stern,“The one-time test, which will hit shelves this spring, costs about twice as much as a regular First Response test, around $20 vs. $10.”   With the Bluetooth test being nearly double, the cost differential may be the deciding factor as to whether or not women embrace this new type of pregnancy test.  Especially since many women think the price of an old-fashioned, analog style test is already too high.  That said, it’s pretty likely this is just the beginning of connected fertility and pregnancy, and only time will tell how women will welcome this type of technology into their lives.

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